Top 7 Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas for Indian Family

unique housewarming gift ideas for Indian family

Buying your own house is considered as one of the biggest achievements. Moving into a new home is a lifetime event. A new space makes way for new habits, new routines, and a new environment. That is why housewarming is a special occasion in someone's life. It marks a new beginning for a family and is cherished for the rest of their lives.

If you have been invited to a housewarming party, the thought of choosing a gift must be running through your mind. Whether you’re looking for something unique, fun, personalized or practical, we’ve put together the best list of unique house warming ceremony gift ideas for family and couple to truly impress your loved ones. There’s something for every budget and personality here!

And, to make sure we’re giving you the best ideas possible, we even interviewed several professional organizers, Feng Shui experts, and home boutique store owners!

Here’s a quick index to find the exact gift you’re looking for. Regardless of whether they are moving into their first apartment or their forever home, here are the top 7 unique housewarming gift ideas.

1. Antique Brass Tortoise Deepak:

Diyas or lamps are the source of light and positive energy. They are also a symbol of purity. When lit, it burns to absorb all the impurities and negative energy around and fills the space with light, warmth, aroma, and positive vibes. Indians also use the lamps in pooja and religious rituals. None of our auspicious function is complete without lighting the lamps or diyas. The family will remember you every time they light it.

Antique Brass Tortoise Deepak

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2. Decorative Lord Gautama Buddha Statue:

A beautiful serene-looking spiritual statue will be a great gift for the entire family in their new home. Go for some peaceful statue that will bring in serenity into the home. Buddha being a symbol of peace stands perfect for your housewarming gift idea.

Decorative Lord Gautama Buddha Statue

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3. Feng Shui / Vastu Crystal Lotus for Positive Energy:

The Lotus flower symbolizes beauty, prosperity, purity, splendor, grace, fertility, wealth, happiness, richness, knowledge and serenity. These are exactly what you wish to the family in their most auspicious occasion.

Vastu Crystal Lotus for Positive Energy

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4. Golden Ganesha Idol:

This Ganesha idol is perfect to use as a centerpiece for both the pooja room or as home decor. Tan gold finish highlighted by the fine details makes it look charismatic. This idol is a perfect way to bring home good fortune, luck & prosperity for your loved ones in their new chapter of life.

Golden Ganesha Idol

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5. Agate Coasters:

Coasters are useful little things that are always needed especially when you have guests. These beautifully unique coasters make an excellent addition to your home or bar. Their lustrous sheen would make them stand out as an accent piece and will remind the owner of you when placed in their new home.

6. Scented Pillar Candles:

A simple yet effective gifting option is a set of artistic, scented candles that can be used as decoration pieces. They can be lit up on every special occasion. If you are looking for minimalistic yet relevant gifting options as a housewarming gift for family or couple, then these scented candles are just about perfect.

Scented Pillar Candles also best gift ideas for housewarming ceremony

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7. Flora 3 Tier Dessert Platter:

This three-tiered dessert platter stands about perfect as a unique housewarming gift idea as it allows the hosts to offer desserts to their guests in a luxurious and elegant fashion. The floral theme gives a vintage touch adding more to its charisma.

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