Top 5 Creative Rakhi Gift Ideas For Your Sister

raksha bandhan gift ideas for sister

It’s common knowledge that once the Rakhi has been tied onto a brother’s hand, he is supposed to return the gesture by giving his sister a sort of a return gift. While sisters more or less have a one-way street to go down in terms of their gesture, the brothers have a lot of options. This can sometimes get confusing as it’s hard to differentiate what works as a Rakhi gift and what doesn’t. So, we decided to curate a bunch of rakhi gifts online that will surely put a smile on your sister’s face.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the Top 5 best Rakhi gifts for your sister: The ideas stated below will include both traditional and modern gifts. Which one is going to make your sister happier is for you to decide.

1. Jewellery:


All over the world, jewellery is something all women appreciate. On top of that, gold and silver are considered highly auspicious in Indian culture. Which is why gifting jewellery to your sister holds a lot more value during festive times. In the end, the Rakhi she ties on your wrist is an auspicious gesture and is symbolic of protection. So why not return the favour with your own auspicious gifts. Mention a couple of Jewellery products that can be gifted

For example – Wreath Crystal Studs, Vivacious Studs & The Maharani Necklace Set Courtesy Of Bling Vine

2. Watches:


Now some may claim that watches fall under the category of jewellery and to some extend they kind of do. But whereas jewellery has been a popular gift item for a while now, watches aren’t quite so. At the end of the day, watches are an accessory that have been designed to go with your overall look. Which is what makes them a great gift as your sister can accessorize her look with the help of your gift. This will work like a charm if your sister is into fashion and loves dressing up for fancy events.

For example – The Workwear Watch By Titan

3. Hanuman Ji Idols –

Hanuman Ji Idols

In Hinduism, Hanuman has long been considered a deity that can instil confidence by offering protection from evil forces. It’s said reciting the Hanuman challisa can drive away negative energies and even the presence of a Hanuman idol is enough to keep evil away. Since Raksha Bandhan is a festival that highlights the bond and protection shared between siblings, why not gift your sister a hanuman idol that can keep her safe at all times? This is a gesture that will not only make her happy, but your mom and dad too!

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4. Chocolates & Desi Mithais

Chocolates & Desi Mithais

I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression, “mu meetha karo”. This is a statement that is said all over the country and is done so after the successful closing of an event, attempt or any task you were trying to complete. So why not gift your sister a box of mithai’s right after the ceremonies are done? This will not only make her happy but will also help finish the ceremonies like they should be concluded, with Mithai!

Perhaps the best example of such gestures comes in the form of a Cadbury chocolate gift box for festive occasions.

5. Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray

Yes, this is the anomaly in my list. However, nothing can get more thoughtful than this... especially in India. Of-course, it can’t prevent the worst-case scenario, but it might help your sister get out of sticky situations. Afterall, in a country as unsafe for women as India, any means of protection can be the difference between life and death.

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So, if you’re having a hard time finding the right Raksha Bandhan gift online, just use the suggestions listed above. Not only will the above ideas put a smile on your sister’s face, but your families too.

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