Top 15 Latest Wooden Pooja Mandir Temple Designs for Home

wooden pooja mandir designs for home

There is a strong belief in Hindu families that only two places can bring all family members together: the first being the dining place and the second is Pooja-Ghar/temple area. A temple is believed to be the place of reverence and peace. With its presence in the house, a temple can bring stability and peace and is a source of God’s blessings for the entire family. Due to a hectic work schedule, most people cannot visit a temple every day and thus getting one for your loved ones or your own home is probably the best thing you can do. Here are the top 15 wooden pooja mandir temple designs for home. Read on:

1. Pink Sheesham wood Mandir

For us, each mandir is a work of art! This beautiful, impeccably crafted pink Sheesham wood mandir with doors is considered very auspicious. Handcrafted by talented artisans in Rajasthan, this makes a beautiful gift item for your loved ones.

2. White & Red Sheesham Wood Pooja Mandir

While White symbolizes peace and tranquillity, Red denotes strong love and devotion for gods. Here's a beautiful piece of art exquisitely designed & handcrafted by Rajasthani craftsmen that is probably the best wooden temple design for home/office.

3. Pink wooden Pooja Mandir Shelf/Chowki

Pink Wooden Pooja Mandir design

If you are looking for a simple pooja mandir design for walls, here’s the one you would love! Made of pink Sheesham wood, this pooja mandir shelf adds the grandeur of any wall. Get one for your house today!

4. White and Gold Rajastani Pooja Mandir

White is believed to bring peace and harmony to home, while Gold embellishes the divine presence in your house. If you are looking for a beautiful, handmade, wooden pooja mandir design for home, here's one to grace your house!

5. Yellow wooden Pooja Mandir Shelf

Presenting a beautiful yellow wooden pooja mandir shelf that stylishly adorns the wall of your house with its artistic touch! This wooden pooja mandir design for walls is a great choice for your home or gifting purposes.

6. Elegant Sheesham Wood Pooja Mandir

Elegant Sheesham Wood Pooja Mandir designs for wall

A beautiful, handmade mandir like this can surely impress anyone! If you are looking for an artistic wooden temple design for your home that looks completely ravishing, opt for this elegant Sheesham wood pooja mandir made by Rajasthani artisans.

7. Small White & Red Sheesham Wood Puja Mandir

Here's beautiful work of art made in wooden mandir with the design looking completely serene and pious. The impressive medley of white, red, and gold makes this temple stand out and adds grandeur to your house interiors. This is a wonderful gift to a wonderful person in your life.

8. Traditional Wood Pooja Mandir with Doors

This exquisitely crafted, traditional wood Pooja Mandir with doors and a slidable tray to hold incense stick or jot make a perfect gift for anniversary, birthday, or house-warming ceremony of your loved ones. Made by experienced artisans from Rajasthan, it is surely a gift for those, who appreciate art and tradition alike!

9. Embellished pooja mandir

This elegant, dignified, and embellished pooja mandir made of dark wood makes a great gift choice for any occasion such as birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, or house-warming ceremony! Aesthetically polished, this piece of art would draw the attention of onlookers! Get one for your loved ones today!

10. Handmade, foldable pooja mandir

Often small houses need thoughtful choices for showcasing temples and other such items. Here’s a beautiful piece of art right from the heart of Rajasthan to embellish the beautiful walls of your house. This handmade, foldable pooja mandir made of Sheesham wood looks simply irresistible with its artistic appeal. Get one for your house today!

11. Authentic wooden pooja mandir

Embellished with the most pious word in the world "Om," this elegant, authentic wooden pooja mandir makes a perfect gift choice for any occasion. It has a slidable tray and a drawer to store your pooja accessories in a style. Gift it to someone who appreciates art and tradition!

12. Elegant pooja mandir with door

Elegant, artistic, and beautifully crafted, this elegant pooja mandir with doors is made of Sheesham wood and serves as a beautiful abode for your favorite God/Goddess. The slidable tray and a pullout drawer make it more convenient and appealing. Get one today for home/loved ones.

13. Embellished pooja mandir

Embellished wooden mandir design for home

An amazing piece of art from the skilled craftsmen from Rajasthan, this beautifully embellished pooja mandir is a wonderful purchase for a new house. Not only it decorates the wall/corner it is placed in, but it is also believed to bring stability and peace in the minds of inhabitants. Get one for your house today!

14. Auspicious pooja mandir

The presence of a temple is not only believed to be auspicious for inhabitants but also adds grace and aesthetics to your house! Here’s an elegant piece of art from the heart of Rajasthan that you would love for its simplicity and artistic appeal. Gift someone you love a source of peace and tranquillity this time!

15. Artistic Pooja Mandir

artistic wooden pooja mandir designs

Here’s a wooden temple design for home for people having strong faith in religion. Handmade by Rajasthani artisans, a temple is believed to dispel fears and negativity from the house. This artistic piece looks serene and makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

Other than wooden pooja mandirs, we have numerous temples made in marble and brass that make wonderful gifts. Big or small, handmade and artistic, these temples come in various designs and sizes to suit the home/office interiors with their auspicious presence. At MyPoojaBox, we have an online store for religious pooja gift items that make wonderful keepsake too. Place your order today to avoid last-minute rush and ensure timely delivery for an upcoming occasion.

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