Top 10 Gift Ideas for Newly Married Couples

wedding gift ideas for couple

The wedding season is here again! Everyone is looking for the perfect gift ideas for the to be bride and groom. If you want to stand out amongst all others with unique wedding gift ideas for the newly married couple, you'd have to look hard to make an everlasting impression on them, for they remember you in the future as well in regards to your gift. You would obviously want to give something that they love and will find it useful and practical for them in their new life. Nowadays, people are looking to gift quality and useful items making lives easier, instead of just getting pricey gifts with no use at all. Worry not, we are here for you to make the right choice of wedding gift ideas for couples at affordable prices.

Finding the perfect gift can be one of the biggest challenges you can face during the wedding season. There is so much competition in the market with the availability of products with so many possibilities with which everyone wants to get it right. Nowadays, everything is available at your disposal, from funny gifts to unisex gifts or small gift for a gesture. My pooja box comes to your rescue, bringing to you a wide collection of perfect wedding gift ideas for couples.

1. Zaria Multicolor Serving Tray

This set of designer trays is a unique wedding gift idea for the bride and groom. These trays feature three platters in total, all of which have different sizes differently. As the couple moves into a new house after marriage, gifting a necessity is a smart move from your side. The couple will always remember you while setting up their own house.

Zaria multicolor serving tray unique wedding gift ideas for bride and groom

2. Majestic Basket on Wheels

Looking for best gift for newly married couple? My pooja box brings to you this unique handcrafted from metal wire majestic basket on wheels decorative item. This is going to be worth all your time and money. Its base has a mirror surface enhancing its complete look. It will serve as a multi-purpose product.

majestic basket on wheels is the best wedding gift ideas for couple

3. Paris De Cafe Tea Box

My pooja box has the best gift for newly married couple. This exquisite box is inspired by the street art of France, specially built for the newlywed couple's collection. It's a set of tea leaves and tea bags of different kinds.

paris de cafe tea box is the best gift ideas for married couples

4. Floral Teal Green Serving Tray-Set of 3

Serving trays are the best gift ideas for newly married couples. Right after the wedding, the house gets filled with guests. All guests have to be treated with the best of the crockery, which this set of three trays stand perfect for.

floral teal green serving tray-set of 3 is the best gift ideas for newly married couple

5. Vintage Bird Tea Pot

People always look for the best wedding gift ideas for couples as they are starting a new venture of their life together. Tea is also an important part of one’s life like every other necessity. This teapot may look like the average teapot to you, but looking upon it closely, you'll know its uniqueness.

Vintage Bird Tea Pot

6. Casablanca Serving Tray

A fancy serving tray will always stand at the top of the list for the best wedding gift ideas for newly married couples, as trays serve as a multi-purpose product, if not in use, they can also be used as a showpiece to enhance the home décor.

Casablanca Serving Tray

7. Pretty Mosaic Floral Pattern Glass Lamp for Décor

This mosaic lamp with a glass body and a flimsy ceramic base is the best buy for the married couple's new house. It brightens up the whole room where it is kept and creates a nice ambiance for the people staying in that house.

Pretty Mosaic Floral Pattern Glass Lamp for Décor

8. Bhagavad Gita Gift Box

The most unique gift idea for the bride and groom you can buy is a Bhagavad Gitaita gift box. It is the purest and spiritual gift you can gift to a newlywed couple for the betterment of their life ahead. This box has an A6 size book, Ganga Jal, incense sticks, and perfume.

Bhagavad Gita Gift Box

9. Vintage Birds Salt and Pepper Shaker

This salt and pepper holder shaped as tiny birds is one of the unique gift ideas for the bride and groom, as they are unusual from those long cylindrical units which are readily available. This product has fine detailing with the feathers, beaks, and wings to add an overall uniqueness to it.

Vintage Birds Salt and Pepper Shaker

10. Luxe Silverware Dinner set

Since you're looking for a gift idea for a newly married couple, for whom you want it to be the best. This silverware dinner set is going to last a forever impression on them as silver represents royalty and a dinner set can never go wrong. It's going to be your best buy!

Luxe Silverware Dinner set

Marriage is a one-time event everyone goes through in their journey of life. Make the to-be couple feel special on their most important day with these gift ideas.

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