8 Kickass Replies for Relatives’ “Toh Beta, Shaadi Kab Kar Rhe Ho?” Question

Indian Wedding Bloopers

Brace yourself, ‘Shaadi season is coming’! Trust me, whenever I hear the word ‘marriage’ it gives me sleepless nights and, of course, nightmares!!!

Come any wedding ceremony in the family, neighbourhood nagging aunties start asking, ‘aur beta, shaadi kab kar rhe ho?”

‘Shaadi’ is success. Sounds weird, but in Indian society, it’s the term that works out. If you are a guy or a girl in your late twenties, and not married yet, you’re going to be the talk of the town! (For all the WRONG REASONS!)

And, if you’re in your thirties, you aren’t ‘shaadi wala material’ anymore. Your life is worthless, you are worthless, in fact, you’re a burden on the earth, as per our aunties. (WINK, WINK)

Even, parents start taunting with questions like ‘Toh shaadi ka kya plan hai? ‘Kucch socha hai shaadi ka? ‘Kanware reh kar naak ktwayega/katwayegi society mein!’ BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! (WEARY FACE)

Well, the next time you face such daunting questions, here are a few answers to get ready with! Diffuse the ‘bomb of shaadi’ with these kickass replies.

1. Dad- ‘Toh Shaadi Kab Karoge?’

Indian Wedding Bloopers

2. Both Mom & Dad- ‘Toh Shaadi ka kya scene hai, naati pote kab nasib honge hamein?’

Toh Shaadi Kab Kar Rhe Ho

(Shaadi ka kharcha bhi bach jayega, aur apko grandchild bhi mil jayega).

3. Neighbourhood Aunty- ‘Teri Shaadi ki Umar Nikli Jaa Rhi hai, Kab Kregi/Krega Shaadi’?

Funny Marriage Bloopers

(Aunty be like “HAAYE RAAM!!!”)

4. Married friend- ‘So, when are you getting married’?

Indian Wedding

5. Neighbourhood FBI aunty- ‘Beta Shaadi kab karoge’?

Indian Funny Marriages


6. Bagal wale uncle- ‘Beti apni shaadi me kab bula rhi ho’?

Funny Indian Weddings

(Uncle will have a panic attack, and he won’t bother you anymore with ‘shaadi’ wala question.)

7. Society wale uncle and aunties- ‘Toh shaadi kab kar rhe ho’?

Funny Indian Weddings

8. Married cousins- ‘So, when are you getting married’?

Indian Marriage Bloopers

(They would start thinking, who’s he or she?)
So single guys and girls, go get ready with above kickass replies for a kickass comeback!

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