5 Pooja Mandir for Home that You Should Definitely Have

5 Pooja Mandir for Home that You Should Definitely Have

Searching pooja mandir for home? Couldn’t find what you exactly need? Don’t worry, we are going to tell you about our latest temple picks to decorate your home.

Every Hindu household has a dedicated space for worshipping the Gods and Goddesses. It is said to bring good luck, prosperity and peace. People even install small to medium and large temples in their home to dedicate it to the deities. Here is our pick for the shrines you should have in your home.

Handcrafted Wooden Mandir

Pooja Mandir for Home

Don’t worry if your home doesn’t have enough space for a dedicated pooja room. Handcrafted with wood in Rajasthani style, this shrine is perfect for small spaces and houses. Its design depicts excellent work of art. What’s more? You do not have to break your bank or spend a lot! Find this pooja mandir for home on our online store.

Soft Stone Shiva Pooja Mandir

Temple for House

Those looking for handcrafted pooja mandir for home will find this tiny temple up to their mark. It’s handcrafted from soft stone and marble. You need not install any other idol as it comes with a Lingam pre-installed in it. The black stone shrine further includes OM, Snake and Nandi figurines elevating its beauty. Get this shrine and place it your home to create a dedicated space or Gods and Goddesses!

Traditional Brass Sheet Temple for Home

Puja Mandir for Home

A brass temple makes a great addition to your home décor. The sturdy material not only looks dazzling but lasts longer. This customizable shrine comes with four pillars and a dome having OM trinket on it. The exquisite embossing and patterns done strategically give it an artistic flair. The central part has enough space to place idols for pooja.

Handcrafted Brass Pooja Mandir with Trishul Trinket for Home

Temple for Home

Handcrafted by skilled artisans of India, this temple features an artistic look. It’s crafted from authentic brass sheet and has elegant embossing pattern all over. The OM embossing and Trishul trinket at the top of the dome add to its brilliance. Make sure to place any temple of your choice in the North-East direction. Also, it shouldn’t be placed directly on the floor but on a raised platform or altar.

Magnificent Traditional Brass Temple for Home

Temple for Home Online

Featuring OM trinket at the top and a beautiful bell inside, this shrine is perfect for your home. It’s crafted from brass sheet; hence, it has a sturdy architecture. The temple also has embossed floral and mural patterns all over. Place it in the north east direction of your home to bring good fortune and prosperity.

So, take your pick from above mandirs and create a dedicated spiritual space in your home!

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David Campbell

Nice post… This post is very useful for us. Temple is the most important factor in the home. Handmade Wooden mandir in traditional design gives the divine energy and blessing at our home.


Nice article and great ideas for mandir home.

Gaj Arts

Temple is really a vital part of homes. Mostly wood temples are preferred over other materials. Great Article though…

Aarsun Woods

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