Incense sticks from Iskcon Temple – Goloka Agarbattis

Incense sticks from Iskcon Temple – Goloka Agarbattis

Indian culture has always used incense sticks or agarbattis as they are called locally, in various forms of poojas/prayers as well as for meditation purposes. The market is flooded with both branded and unbranded incense sticks that offer multiple aroma’s and claims that would have you believe their product helps you pray & meditate.

However, most of these incense sticks use multiple chemical compounds to replicate natural aromas. Not only does this make the aroma artificial but also paves the way for health issues to come your way as a result of breathing in these toxic chemicals. This can be especially problematic if someone is using these sticks in their meditation or yoga space.  Pollution levels in modern day India are high enough, I doubt we need to put ourselves in more danger especially while meditating or praying!

Where can I find organic incense sticks or agarbattis you ask? Well, a certain Iskcon Temple that you may have heard of started a brand called Goloka. This brand placed focus on making agarbattis or incense sticks using natural ingredients such as sandal oil, kesar, patchouli oil & other naturally available ingredients. These fragrances are said to induce a state of peace, calm & focus that aids an individual in their devotional practices & meditation.

The natural ingredients combined with the fact that all Goloka proceeds go to charity is an added bonus for those who wish to make a difference. Afterall, Goloka has been established as a nonprofit organization and they stay true to their cause! This means every time you purchase Goloka incense sticks, you’ve helped someone just a little bit and in the end, it’s the little things that make the biggest differences.

Goloka Chandan Agarbatti 

Listed below are some of the various charities they run

  1. The Akshaya Patra Foundation
  2. Educational & Vocational training for widows Vrindavan
  3. Aiding poor students to secure scholarships for education.

Another notable mention here is HelpUsGreen. They collect used flowers from different temples and mosques and further use these flowers to manufacture incense sticks and cones preventing our rivers from getting polluted. 

*Info related to Goloka Agarbattis has been taken from their official – (


So, bring home the natural aroma’s of Indian culture & answer the prayers of those in need with Goloka!


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