How To Send Rakhis To USA From India – The My Pooja Box Way

How To Send Rakhis To USA From India – The My Pooja Box Way

Raksha Bandhan was conceptualized to honour and strengthen the bond between a brother and his sister. Which is why, every year, sisters around the country buy Rakhi’s for their brothers and on the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan, these Rakhi’s are tied on to the brother’s right hand after the age-old traditions and ceremonies are conducted.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first brother/sister or your cousins, the tradition is followed regardless. Well, at least for the ones close enough to be considered family. There usually isn’t too much to worry about during Rakhi but the problems arise when your brothers and sisters are not living in the same city or for that matter, the same country. So how do you send Rakhi’s to your brothers in USA and other foreign countries?

Well, thanks to the internet and international transport services, Rakhi’s can be sent directly to your brothers home or university hostel with My Pooja Box’s international delivery service. Afterall, My Pooja Box was not just created to give the Indian population access to the high quality pooja essentials but also to bring a level of convenience to festive gifting. This is why we started our online Rakhi delivery service to the USA, Canada and other countries with a large Indian population.

With our online Rakhi delivery service, we are not only connecting families within India but families that have been spread across different continents too. So, if your brother is studying somewhere in USA, you can have Rakhi’s and other festive gifts sent to him using our international Rakhi delivery service.

So, want to know how easy it is to send Rakhis to USA from India with My Pooja Box?

It’s literally the same as placing a regular order! But the steps have been listed below regardless-

  • Head to our Raksha Bandhan collection under “Festivals”
  • Select the product you’d like to send and click “add to cart”
  • Once you’re done adding your gifts to the cart, click on “go to cart”
  • Here, you’ll be greeted by a cost summary of your purchases
  • Once you’ve confirmed all is as you please, click on “proceed to checkout”.
  • After the above is complete, you’ll have to fill in your email ID and the shipping address you wish to send the Rakhi’s to.
  • After the above is complete, click on “continue to shipping method”, where you will be charged a standard Rs 2500 international shipping fee.
  • Once you click on “continue to payment method”, all that’s left is filling in your account details and hitting enter.

Just like that, your Rakhi will be on its way to wherever it’s been destined to and should reach said location in 6-8 working days. That being said, there is a small possibility of it taking slightly longer that that as the shipping service being used might run into issues that could not have been anticipated.  

So, don’t let distance be a factor anymore and send your Rakhi’s wherever they need to be!

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