How to Decorate Your Home Beautifully for Diwali?

Decorate Your Home Beautifully for Diwali

When Diwali is around the corner, it all comes to decorating one’s home, the Vastu where we share every single moment with our loved ones also needs to be cared for and decorated with love. It’s time to spread happiness with vibrant colored Rangolis, Diwali home decoration lights, and so much more. So, if you do not know How to decorate your home beautifully for Diwali?, then here is the time to have a glance below.

1. Add a personal touch with the tealight holders

A great way to adorn your home décor is right here!! Yes, the T-light holders are a great pick if you are looking forward for something more delightful and lavish. Either place them, hang them, or just use them as a piece of décor, tealight holders work the best option when it comes to decorating your house. Try out Astonishing Pearl T-light Holder, Faiza Alluring Hanging T-light Holder, Hanging Bird Cage T-light Holder, and other such tealight holders to define the taste of décor.

tea light holders

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2. Possess an aura of positivity in the air with Urli and candles

Reflecting our true and rich Indian art and culture, Urli has been one of the greatest ways that have been used since ages. Either made in brass, metal, marble, plastic, or even natural mud or red soil, Urlis are available in hand hammered, carved, hand painted, embossed patterns and much more designs like the Exquisite Butterfly Urli, Illustrious Silver Finish Urli, Shiny Gold Lotus Urli, and other attractive handcrafted Urlis. Fill this Urli with water, fresh flower or flower petals, a few drops of essential oils, and floating candles to create a magic in the festive vibes.


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3. Go for eco-friendly Diyas

Get your hands on the eco-friendly Diyas made from 100% organic clay and play a part in contributing towards Mother Nature. The beautifully hand painted mitti ka Diyas when paired with lovely floral Rangolis, lets you set out the mood into a positive one. All you need to do is grab a dozen clay Diyas and decorate them with natural colors, Kundan, beads, pearls, etc., use these Diyas to amplify your abode, entrance, and the entire surroundings with radiance and positivity.

eco-friendly Diyas

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4. Adorn your entrance with Toran

Diwali decorations are incomplete without Toran as they just not amplify the look of the entrance but also are said to invite positivity and keep all the negativities away. Adding up to the simplicity of your Diwali decorations, Bandhanwars are the evergreen options to adorn your entrance.

Try out some of the exquisitely designed Bandhanwars or Torans from the widest collection such as Exclusive Yellow and red Flower Toran with Ganesha, Deluxe Om Bandhanwar, Elegant Ganesha Bandhanwar, Decorative Door Hanging (Bandhanwar), Decorative Door Hanging Bandhanwar, etc; that look stunning and are perfect for occasions like Diwali.


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5. Make your home inviting with the flowers

Put a dash of the fresh, hand-plucked marigold, lily, hibiscus, and other vibrant colored flowers by creating decorative Rangolis. You can also adorn the stairs, entrance, balcony, living room, or pooja space with the garland of marigold flowers. Pairing them with a couple of candles elevates the simplicity of the entire home décor.

6. Decorate your simple walls with backdrop

Looking out to try for some different décor ideas this Diwali? Well, to pretty-up your boring walls, here is another amazing decoration idea that is enough to elevate the beauty of your home. Available in a variety of colors and themes, these backdrop décor items look simply eye-catching in balcony, living room, veranda, or at the entrance when placed with tealight holders. Ensuring a pleasant and sophisticated appeal to your Vastu, the set of 5 Colorful Backdrop Decoration, Incredible Floral Dark Pink White Backdrop Decoration, etc. make the Diwali celebrations outstanding.

backdrop for diwali

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7. Drape string lights to the borders of the doors and window

Have some string lights at home? Well, fairy lights, Diwali home decoration lights, or string lights can be easily decked for the windows and the doors of your house. Not just decorate the house from outside but also add a hint of radiance that delivers positivity into the abode. The soft glow created by the lights reflecting on the glass transforms a mesmerizing look with the twinkling appearance.

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