How To Bring Feng Shui Into Your Bedroom?

Bring Feng Shui Into Your Bedroom

After long & hard day of work, the only place you can truly expect to find peace is your bedroom. Your bedroom is a space created for you and you alone (With the exception of your other half). But what good is a bedroom that doesn’t give you the peace and quiet you were hoping for after a long day. This is where Feng Shui items for home and basic tips comes into the picture. Feng Shui bedroom décor is crucial in creating yourself an environment that brings peace and calm to your body. Here, we will be talking about and listing, the top Feng Shui tips for your bedroom.

1. Clear The Mess - The whole concept of Feng Shui deals with the flow of energy and not interrupting the same. Therefore, if your room has been jam-packed with home décor items, tables, chairs etc, its safe to assume the ‘qi’ or ‘energy’ is going to spend more time bouncing around than actually flowing. So, step 1, clear the clutter, this includes the mess under your bed as well. Not only will this help the flow of energy, but it will also help your room look both bigger and cleaner.

Clear The Mess

2. Mirror Placement – Feng Shui experts have always debated the pros and cons of mirrors in the world of Feng Shui. However, they all agree that mirrors bounce energy around the bedroom causing an uneven flow of ‘qi’. This uneven flow results in restlessness. It’s important to ensure the mirror is not placed directly in front of your bed as this can result in negative forces effecting your relationships.

3. Technology – The technology we all use today runs solely on electric power alone. These electronics like TV’s, cell phones and even the electrical wiring in your house release electromagnetic energy that negatively effects energy flow. This energy is even said to cause extreme feelings of discomfort for those who are sensitive to such energies. Therefore, it’s advised to keep the television a good distance from the bed and preferably in a TV cabinet in order to hide the TV itself. It’s also key to ensure none of the electrical wiring for the house is running directly over your bed as this is bound to shoot electromagnetic energy towards you.


4. Don’t Work Where You Sleep – Another crucial tip to bring Feng Shui to your room is to ensure your work station is in another space altogether. Now I understand, not everyone has the abundant space or rooms to do that but, what they can ensure is that the work station is kept simple. This can be done by ensuring there is a tray table to hide your laptop or a cover to mask your desktop. In addition, it’s best to have a work table that is small and simple in its structure. Other than that, it’s best to avoid a clutter of books forming on your work table.

5. Bring Home Feng Shui Products – Feng Shui items are said to help bring positive energy into your space. Some items work better than others and a Feng Shui tortoise is said to be one of them. The tortoise is said to be one of the 5 celestial animals in Feng Shui. It is described as a guardian or a protector and should fight off negative energies trying to make their way into your life. Now, it’s important to note that direction is key in the world of Feng Shui items and is ofcourse applicable to the tortoise as well. This direction is further dependent on the material used in creating the Feng Shui item. The suited directions for the Feng Shui tortoise are stated below –

• If made from metals – North or North West
• If made from crystals – South West or North West
• If made from earthen materials like stone – North East, Central or South West

Stone Studded Sparkling Golden Tortoise
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So, whether its Feng Shui items for home or Feng Shui positioning, do what you have to do and help bring the Feng Shui vibe to your bedroom. Not only will it help you sleep better, but it will also bring a simplistic yet beautiful design element into your home. Well then, don’t just procrastinate, you’ve got all the tips you need. All that’s left is finding the right Feng Shui products online and bringing them home.

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