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Christmas is that time of year where literally everyone in the world obsesses over Christmas tree decor… Now, that’s all well and good but what about your home? Why don’t people discuss home decor as much as Christmas tree decorations? Some say it’s not as important but if there is one thing I’ve learnt about festival decor, it’s that every detail counts. From the interior, exterior and all the way to the aroma or scent of the place. All these factors are the ones that contribute to the ambiance of a room or house. For example, when you go to a hotel, you’ll notice how all your senses are at play while enjoying and complementing the ambiance. The smell, soft materials used, décor etc all combine to give you that feeling of luxury. So then, without further a due, let’s talk about Christmas and the full potential of Christmas home decor.


We all know the 6 main colors of Christmas, right? No?... Okay. Let me list them out

  • Blue
  • Green
  • White
  • Gold
  • Purple
  • Red

These are the colors that make up almost all things Christmas. Blue is associated with Mary, the mother of Jesus. Green represents the mistletoe decorations that have been around for ages. White is ofcourse a symbol of peace and is also the color of snow, which is quite noticeable in winters. Gold is the color of the sun. Purple is the color of the alter cloth used in churches. Red represents the color of the Bishops robes and ofcourse eventually became the Santa Claus theme too.

These colors or a combination of, should be used to decorate your house. You don’t have to use all of them, but you can mix and match colors that work well in your home. Remember, regardless of the colors of Christmas, your house will have its own interior colors and that’s something you can’t change. So, work with it or around it.


Christmas ornaments were originally designed for the Christmas tree. These different decorative pieces are supposed to be added to the tree to give it just an extra bit of charm. However, at the end of the day, a Christmas tree ornaments, is an ornament and last I checked, ornaments are decorative pieces. So don’t hold back, throw them on as wall hangings through your hallway that leads to the main attraction that is the Christmas tree itself! These ornaments when hung on as wall hangings create a magical vibe around the house. Which seems apt considering the magical vibes are a byproduct of Christmas day.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Now ofcourse, Christmas decorations items are present in a vast variety of designs. As a result, it’s crucial to know what items look good where. For instance, bells would do better as Christmas wall decor for the hall as opposed to Christmas socks, which seem more apt for the main living space around the Christmas tree itself as kids tend to love these Christmas socks cause of pop culture. Maybe throw in some candy, in case you have the kids. This adds to the fun factor at home which again, aids the ambience of the space.

Candles are another product or décor item that don’t get the credit they deserve. I’m not talking about regular candles, I’m talking about tea light candles, pot candles or pillar candles. These when placed with a bit of planning can look absolutely stunning. They can even be added to the hallways and entraces to give your space the holy vibes of Christmas, because let’s face it, no matter how much fun we like to have during festivals like this, they are only celebrated because of the religious significance of the day in question. The candles should do their part in giving your living space a bit of natural warmth too.

Christmas Garlands… Now these are again a product originally designed for xmas tree decorations. However, it is another item that would look exquisite around the perimeter of the room home to the Christmas tree. Couple that with some LED lights and you’re looking at a room that would match any hotel’s shot at Christmas decor! LED lights are even well suited for the hallways incase you aren’t looking to set up candles. It’s a lot easier to install and uninstall LED lights as opposed to candles which require constant lighting and extinguishing.

LED tree lights


As mentioned before, Christmas, at the end of the day is a celebration of the birth of Christ. Which means it’s celebrated in the memory of Jesus Christ and is a huge part of Christianity. It celebrates the transition from darkness to light, similar to the Indian festival of Diwali. Which is why I think it’s important that items of religious significance should be included in the Christmas home decor to honor the memory of Christian beliefs.

A lot of religious pieces are available solely for Christmas itself and can easily be found online or at local stores near you. Adding these items as your Christmas wall decor will help bring a spiritual vibe into your already magical set up. Having these religiously apt idols are sure to bring in an air of positivity that again aids the overall appeal of the Christmas ambiance.

Christmas Idols


I know I took my time to get here, but here I am. After all the setup is complete, it’s time to focus on the tree. The Christmas tree as mentioned at the start of this article is the number priority for decorators during Christmas time. Believe me when I say having the rest of your room set up gives you a clear path of where to go with the tree. Remember, it’s all part of the theme. So, when you decorate the tree, maintain the color scheme going around the house. This includes the colors of the Christmas ornaments as well as the colors of the LED tree lights that light up the tree.

Artificial Christmas tree

Religious idols can also be placed on the tree to give it that little extra ‘wow’ factor. These can be placed either at the bottom next to the presents, the middle where your eyeline is or right at the top. Although top spot is usually reserved for a giant golden star… Which works too, to be perfectly honest.

Try and keep these things in mind when you start prepping for your Christmas celebrations. If followed right, they should help you out a bit. I certainly hope it does… Merry Christmas!

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