How Eco Friendly Ganesha is Made by Local Artisans of My Pooja Box?

How Eco Friendly Ganesha is Made

Festivals are an inseparable part of the rich Indian culture, and every single festival stands out from the other. With the uniqueness of the celebration, the Ganesh Chaturthi festival comes with an eco-friendly Ganpati celebration idea. These extravagant 11-days festivals are full of light, pomp, enthusiasm, colors, and all you can witness are the adorable Ganpati murtis crafted by the local artisans.

These local artisans enhance the level of their creativity to make every Ganesh Chaturthi festival memorable and joyful. But what makes this festival even more special are the Ganpati idols made from 100% natural clay that is easily available at the stores. The online eco-friendly Ganesha idols that are available at My Pooja Box are free from POP, harmful chemicals, toxic, etc., and are made with pure love.

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The exclusive collection of Ganesh idols made in India are available in a variety of sizes. They are painted with different colors and seated in pretty postures that contribute to a greener, better, and cleaner Earth. Here’s how the actual process of molding and making the Ganpati takes place at the eco-friendly workshop.

Sourcing of Clay or Soil:

This is the foremost and crucial step when it comes to carving out the cute little murtis. The finest quality of clay and mud is supplied at the godown to the local artisans where the idols are to be made. The mud of the Ganges is not just pure but also encompasses a number of minerals and other natural qualities which make it deliver the best idol to you. This soil incorporating a smooth finish and soft texture does not form cracks in the idols.

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Processing of the Clay:

Once the mud reaches the destination, the clay is thoroughly sieved so as to remove the unwanted particles, stones, plastic items, metal pieces, etc. Once done, the local artisans soak the same clay in the water for a whole night which lets the trapped air particles loosen themselves and get a hard dough, which works best when it comes to shaping.

Making of the clay Idols:

Every single clay Ganesh idol made in India showcases exquisite design and palette of colors blended, but the murtis available at My Pooja Box reflect the love and warmth filled in by the makers. Once the clay processing is done, the leather-hard clay mixed with seeds is divided into portions to shape the elements of the murti. Straw and chaff are also used, as they help the clay hold itself in place. Every single part is joined with water itself which then turns it into an unfinished piece of the murti.

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Alongside layering the idol with clay water, wet cotton cloth is used to cover the idols that avoid cracking. These murtis are then sun-dried for a specific period of time, and once they are completely dry, the highlights like the eyes, tusks, ornaments, etc., are hand-painted with organic or natural colors. And thus, the eye-pleasing online eco-friendly Ganesha murtis from My Pooja Box are made ready for the grand celebration.

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