Home Decor Ideas for Small Homes

home decor ideas for small homes

When it comes to decorating a small home, people tend to make the rookie mistake of crowding way too many items into way too small a space. This mistake is made thinking that the use of home décor items will liven up the space. However, the only thing it does, is make the inside of your home seem even smaller. Afterall, when you’re looking to liven up a small home, step one has to be to make it look bigger than it is. Which is exactly why we’re here today. We’re here to talk about home décor ideas for small homes that will give you a sense of space you never thought you could have.

Home Décor Ideas for Small Homes That Will Increase Your Perception Of Space: -

1. Smart Storage Solutions

Smart Storage Solutions

When you’re living in a relatively small space, the main issue is storage. Half of the small homes we’ve seen look small because of the large cupboards and other storage solutions brought into them. The trick is to optimize storage by creating storage space under already present furniture.

For example, drawers can be installed under your bed. If not drawers, storage boxes can simply be pushed underneath your bed. These can house everything from clothing to extra pillows, blankets and shoes. Doing this will help free up space around the bed. Thus, giving you a sense of space.

2. Use The Right Colour

use the right colour

Using light colours on the floor and walls can help increase the visual perception of space. These light-coloured walls and tiles can then be complemented by furniture and wall hangings sporting darker hues. It’s important to find the balance as too much darkness makes the room feel small, whereas too much light makes the room feel a bit uncomfortable as it loses the cosy touch needed in a home. One can refer to Yin & Yang principles for the same.

3. Find The Right Sofa

find the right sofa

Another common mistake people make is buying multiple sets of relatively small furniture in the hope that it fills the room without making it look too crowded. Whereas, you ought to be doing the exact opposite. Bringing a single piece large couch to your living room actually increases the sense of space as it leaves enough room for you and your guests to move around freely. Whereas if you had multiple chairs and sofas, moving around would be that much harder.

4. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors are a must have in a small home for two main reasons.

1 - They reflect light thus help your interior space feel more airy.

2 - They can be used on a wall that is facing an open view of the outdoors.

This helps give your home a lot more light and air. Which is something that’s really needed in a small space.

5. Let The Art Do The Talking

Let The Art Do The Talking

Art pieces will always give the interiors of your home more substance. You don’t have to buy any designer pieces either. All you need is a relatively large and colourful art piece that can add light to the darkest corners within your home. They help give your home a contemporary feel and as a result, make the home look bigger than it actually is.

6. Enhance Your Head Room

Head room is another aspect that is crucial if you want to increase the feeling of space and airiness within your home. This is best achieved by avoiding chandeliers and other lighting fixtures that hang off the ceiling. This is especially needed in apartments that have low ceiling heights. So instead of using the ceiling, use the walls to hold your lights. Lamps, especially Himalayan rock salt lamps, help provide some mood lighting without occupying too much space above your head.

7. Find A Sofa That Likes To Show Off It’s Legs

Continuing from point number 3, it’s best advised to bring home a large sofa that has its legs exposed. This again helps create a roomier feel and the space below the sofa’s can be used as storage. Having said that, if you use the below space as storage, you can forget about creating more room inside your living space. Depending on the rest of your interiors and the size of your home, you can choose what you need more…. Storage or open spaces.

8. Only keep the home décor you really like

This is perhaps the most important point yet. It’s important to limit the number of décor pieces present within your home. This helps declutter the space and lets the air flow around your home smoother. Instead of cluttering your home with small sculptures, find a single piece that is large in size but not too imposing. This will give your home a royal and spacious feel within.

9. Floor To Ceiling Curtains

floor to ceiling curtains

If you can’t get floor to ceiling windows in your home, you can install curtains that cover the same amount of height and area. Having long curtains at home not only makes the ceilings seem higher, but they also help give your home a cosier vibe.

So, don’t worry about your house being too small in size because you know what they say, “Size doesn’t matter”. Use our home décor ideas for small homes and watch as the sense of space slowly but surely increases with each change you make.


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