The traditional Indian festival of Navratri is devotedly and joyfully celebrated in India for a consecutive nine days and is hence named “Navratri” in Hindu Mythology. In several parts of India including West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Bihar, etc this festival is entitled “Durga Puja” as nine different forms of Goddess “Durga” are worshipped in these nine holy days in every far and wide of India.

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Devotees offer admiration, prayers, and welcoming to the Goddess “Durga” by decorating the house just like a newly wedded bride followed by fast during Navratri. Along with “fasts” and laughter, people express warm greetings with reflective decoration and gifts at this auspicious festival. This is one of the most celebrated festivals in India where it marks the beginning of a new life with Goddess Durga’s grace and blessings.

Well to make the festival of Navratri celebration fun and memorable, In Listed below are few Home décor items ideas during the celebration.

Durga Idol: Placing A “Durga idol” at the house’s “mandir” or “Puja Ghar” would be best to start this nine-day celebration full of wishes and blessings on Navratri. You can keep this in your puja room during nine days of the festival and worship that brings immense power, a positive atmosphere, and prosperity. Nothing would be better than this.

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Nutritious Dry Fruits Combo: Always keep the bowl full of Nutritious dry fruits and combos at the table of your living room so that no guest who visits your home during Navratri goes by without eating something that would bring good health and prosperity. Also, it is a good idea for gifting if planning to send some to your close friends and relatives.

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Traditional Sweets: Indian festivals are unfinished without traditional sweets. Always keep ready a box of delicious Indian sweets ready to make the festival of Navratri auspicious. Consider the recipient's favorite taste when choosing sweets they can enjoy following the long day of fasting.

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Decorative Diyas: Diyas are an integral part of Indian festivities, which symbolize the elimination of obscurity and negativity. The handmade earthen diyas with attractive designs make Navratri a great decorative idea. They fill the house and make it ready for this festival with the love of light and positivity when placed in every corner of the house.

decorative diyas

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Puja Thali: Well the “Puja Thali” is another important thing during the festival of Navratri since no festival is complete without the Puja Thali. Every day when you worship goddess Durga in her nine different forms, make sure that you get the pooja Thali ready with all the “Navratri Puja Samagri” in it.

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Home Décor Items: Navratri is now the time to fill your house with colors, scents, and lovely decorative elements. Support your beloved sprinkle with home decorations such as wall art, antiquities, pictures, clocks, and hangings. The inclusion of lovely decorative articles will shine its interior and give your dwelling a nice look.

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Rangoli or Alpana: You can make the ideal appearance with rangoli made of flowers, leaves, rangoli, Holi shades, diyas, and even mirrors. These are thought to be nice and fundamental to the decoration in Navratri.

You can also go for a rangoli ready for the best, which is called Kundan rangoli.

The hanging balloon and torans: Go for helium-filled balloons in different colors if you've got the budget. Place ribbons, roses instead of cords. This adds a huge reflection to the home decor that would amaze people with your creative ideas and would also charm all of your visitors. You can also give this to you near and dear once as a present of Navratri.


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Potpourri bowl and jars: The glass tray, the glass decoration jars, and even the potpourri macerated jars may be filled as a massive decoration idea. To add an earthy decor to your home you need dried petals, spices, etc to get the best effects by adding or putting string lights or using glitter decor posts.

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Decorative figurines and antique items: If you like the furniture, pick brass antiques, figurines, etc, then you should definitely go for splits, bells, torans, hangings of an elephant, etc that would make the home attractive. This would be a good gifting idea for all.

Decorative figurines and antique items

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You may also purchase inexpensive plastic dolls and dress-up them using a spray or metallic colors to make your own torans. Likewise, utilizing cost-effective crystals and flowers to create spectacular budgetary decoration concepts.


So now that we have enlisted all the best possible decorative ideas for gifting as well as for your own home decor it will make the house look perfect and beautiful for the festival of Navratri. But above that besides decorating the house you need to decorate your own self inside and let go of the Dark Side of yourself, to begin with, a new positive perspective and enthusiasm.

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