Known to be the most celebrated festival in the country, Ganesh Chaturthi is a celebration of honoring the Elephant-head Lord in the most amazing way. Loved by every Indian, this 11 days festival beginning with the Ganesh Chaturthi and ending with the Ananth Chaturthi, also comes with themed decorations for every single day.

And celebrating the Ganpati festival with eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi decoration items with flowers, handmade candles, drapes, etc., adds more colors and fun to the enjoyment. With no rules to be followed, eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi decoration can be made classy, divine, and eye-catching with the simplest decoration ideas at home with easily available items. Check out some of the innovative and affordable decor ideas to elevate your home on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Lovely Tissue/Crepe Paper Decorations

Tissue papers are one of the easily customizable materials that one can quickly find in one’s wardrobe. You can create simple and beautiful flowers, leaves or create a frame for the background just by rolling and pinching them and gluing them for extra stability.

This fun art activity which can be enjoyed all together by a family, pops out the creativity. Just cut these crepe papers into long strips and hang them behind the clay Ganesha to create a colorful background. Showcase the magic of colorful papers to create a positive, serene, and eye-catching look only for your beloved Ganpati Bappa.

Glittering Diyas and T-light Decorations

Do you have some Diwali Diyas left over? Well then, here is a chance for you to reuse them as Ganesh Chaturthi decoration items. Handpaint the earthen Diyas with glittering colors and paints, laces, beads, etc., to make them more shimmering.

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Couple these Diyas or candles with the water-filled Urlis and witness the soft glow and radiance capturing the aura of the festive season. Serving a perfect replacement or alternative for LED lights that consume maximum electricity, the eco-friendly T-light holders or the Diyas with fairy appearance makes it much welcoming for your Lord Ganpati.

A Twist with the Fresh Flowers/Betel Leaves

The beautiful vibrant-colored flowers always add completeness to every single Indian festival just at the snap of a finger. Creating a lively and fresh look, betel leaves or the fresh flowers available at your garden not only spruces up the elegance of the home decor but also adds a personal touch.

For additional creativity, you can pin up the shiny betel leaves upside down directly to a fabric or just keep it simple to create a lush-green background or a wall that appeals soothing to the eyes and mind as well.

Fancy-up with the Graceful Sarees, Dupatta, Scarfs, etc.

It's now time to show some love for the home decoration with old sarees, colorful Dupattas, or scarves to embellish the Ganesh Chaturthi decorations. Pair these drapes with string lights, colorful lighting strings, or just the long garlands of marigold or any flower.

Match the tiny light with the fabric that you choose to enhance the festive look. The subtle look of the fairy lights playing hide and seek with the soft cloth material indulge the festive vibe with an ethnic and sparkling splash of lights.

Stylish Rangoli with Natural Colors

Rangolis are the stylish yet the most traditional way of welcoming Lord Ganpati. Draw the beautiful Rangoli patterns with vibrant colors to witness the sophisticated look of the festival. These eye-catching Rangolis that never go out of style and magnify the beauty of your puja space and the entrance of the house also look amazing with pretty flower petals.


With the rising popularity of clay tree Ganesha and eco-friendly ideas for home decoration, let us make this Ganeshotsav much more divine with the smallest initiative. This environment-friendly method contributing in a wholesome way towards Mother Nature makes the celebration much more enjoyable. Let us pledge together to treasure the safety and health of every living being on this Earth with eco-friendly Ganpati celebrations.

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