Eco Friendly Ganpati Decorations At Home

eco friendly ganpati decorations at home

We live in a world that is plagued by environmental issues. These issues range from air pollution all the way to noise pollution. Luckily, mankind has started to realize the dangers of such problems and has begun taking steps in order to reduce the damage already inflicted on our environment.

These solutions range from electric cars and solar panels all the way to reducing the use of plastics. The solutions mentioned have found their way in almost all industries and now, products related to religious idols and decor have also been introduced to the new world of eco-friendly products.

What are eco-friendly Ganpati decorations and idols?

Well, to put it simply, these refer to Ganesh idols and décor that have been made using 100% organic materials that are easily absorbable by our soil or in other words, these idols/decor are biodegradable.

So what do I mean by décor that’s not eco-friendly? You know those colourful dresses and pooja chowki décor you buy for your festive celebrations? Yeah… they get their colour from chemicals. Whereas eco-friendly Ganpati décor comes in the form of mala’s and dresses made using different leaves from all types of plants. Even fruits can be used to create stunning decorations around your Ganesha idol.

eco-friendly Ganpati decorations and idols

Once the eco-friendly Ganpati décor is disposed, it will organically be absorbed by the soil for the nutrients present in the idol/decors organic matter. The décor as well as the idols can be made of leaves, coconuts, mangos and other fruits and materials present naturally on our planet.

What’s the benefit of eco-friendly Ganesh/Ganpati idols and decor?

benefit of eco-friendly Ganesh

Well, let me start by stating the obvious. They’re created using organic materials. This means the materials used come in the form of coconut shells, mango leaves and organic clay. No material needs to be created in order to make the final idol. All raw materials used were already present naturally. The only changes will be cutting and shaping your raw materials to form your idols and decorations. Possibly the best thing about all of this is the fact that you don’t need large smoke producing factories to manufacture religious idols and decor. Just time and some good old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Why use eco-friendly Ganesh idols and decor this Ganesh Chaturthi?

Well here’s the problem. Most Ganesha idols are made using non-biodegradable materials. Such idols sit around collecting dust till they’re used. It’s only when the festival arrives that people begin to take these decorations out of hiding and clean them. Having these decorations and idols hanging around untouched for a while make them prone to wear and tear. As a result of this wear and tear, these items are disposed of eventually. But because they’ve been made using marble, brass, chemically coloured cloths and other inorganic materials, they can’t be absorbed back by earth. This in turn increases the level of waste materials in our garbage disposal. To add to the problems, these idols are made in factories that release tons of harmful chemicals into the environment.

Eco-friendly Ganesha idols and decor on the other hand, can be used and given back to mother nature. This can be done by burying the decorations within the soil to give back nutrients to the soil. As a result, Ganesh’s presence would have blessed your property for all of eternity and would be ever present in the very foundation of your home. Plus, these idols can be made at home or at a work shop without any machinery.

In fact, some eco-friendly idols come made from organic clay houses plant or tree seeds within them. These idols are supposed to be kept in or under flowing water as the water helps remove the clay, leaving only the seeds behind. These seeds eventually find their way back into the soil and stem forth a tree that is blessed with the spiritual energy of Lord Ganesh.

eco friendly ganesh idols

So, is there a better way to have Ganesh’s presence at home than in a form of a tree that is not only beautiful to look at, but also gives back to mother nature and eco system around it? I don’t think so.

Ganesh Chaturthi usually ends with décor and idols being submerged in water. However, most of these are not organic in nature and contain extremely harmful chemicals that can damage our water.

I personally feel that once our celebrations for Ganesh Chaturthi are over, we should give back to the gods who created this planet by offering organic substances back into the soil where the energy of all gods lie. This way, we aren’t just selfishly praying for happiness and prosperity, we’re also giving back to our planet. This can only be done using eco-friendly Ganpati décor and idols.

eco-friendly ganpati

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Thanks for sharing these decoration ideas. I am planning to make ganesha idol at home this year.

Anurag Mehta

Thanks for sharing these decoration ideas. I am planning to make ganesha idol at home this year.

Anurag Mehta

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