Raksha Bandhan is almost here which means it’s time for sisters to start finding Rakhi’s for their brothers. Interestingly, back in the day, choosing a Rakhi was easy. All you had to do is go to your local market and buy a Rakhi from a vendor who sells it to you for the least. Why was it so easy? Well, back in the day, there was basically only 1 style of Rakhi available. The designs were of course a little different but from afar, it was impossible to tell as they had the same patterns and the same colours.

However, things have changed quite a bit since. Firstly, you no longer need to move to buy or deliver a Rakhi, you can simply send Rakhis online now. All you have to do is open your mobile or PC, find an online Rakhi store, select a Rakhi and hit send. Secondly, and more importantly… is the fact that now, you have access to a wide range of Rakhi designs. This range starts from traditional designs that we’ve seen for ages and goes all the way to flamboyant designer Rakhi’s that bring class, opulence and auspiciousness closer together.

Anyway, we’ll be looking at some of the latest as well as the most sought-after designer Rakhi’s available online.

The Latest & Most Sought After Designer Rakhi’s

1.  Bracelet Rakhi’s

Bracelet Rakhi for your loving brother

This style of designer Rakhis gained popularity due to the sheer versatility of them. They feature little to no traditional designs and look exactly like designer bracelets (as the name may suggest). This makes them perfect for brothers who don’t like the excessive use of colours on Rakhi’s and prefer something that blends in well with the rest of their clothes. The best part about these Rakhi’s are, unlike other designer Rakhi’s your brother might just get rid of within a day, these tend to be worn for much longer.

2.  Pearl Rakhi’s

stunning pearl rakhis for your brother

For those who like a bit of flair but not too much of it, pearl Rakhi’s are the best compromise. This has to do with the fact that pearls have always been considered precious but have never been used to define flamboyance and wealth. As a result, they’ve become the go to stone for people who want classy products but nothing that screams in your face like gold and diamonds do.

3.  Peacock Rakhi’s

Shop Peacock Rakhis online at MyPoojaBox.in

Raksha Bandhan and the monsoons are rather well coordinated as far as the dates are concerned and we all know how much peacocks like the monsoons. This little fact inspired someone to make peacock Rakhi’s and they soon became one of the biggest designer Rakhi trends in the country. This demand came from the sheer beauty of these Rakhi’s that use multiple colours and peacock shapes to create vibrant works of art.

4.  Zardosi Rakhi’s

Zardosi Rakhis online

This is the oldest style of designer Rakhi’s you can buy online. The word “Zardosi” refers to a form of embroidery that originated in the regions of modern-day Iran, Azerbaijan, Central Asia as well as India and Pakistan. This style of embroidery uses elaborate metallic strands to create designs and patterns that would usually be made using cloth. It wasn’t originally conceived for Raksha Bandhan but eventually filtered down to the world of Rakhi’s too.

5.  Gold & Silver Rakhi’s

shop silver rakhi online at MyPoojaBox

If your brother likes a bit of bling or believes in the auspicious energy said to be carried by gold and silver, this particular style of Rakhi’s will put a massive smile on his face. Plus, with this style of Rakhi, you have endless options to choose from. Not just in terms of design, but also in terms of materials and cost. For example, if you want, you can buy pure silver, sterling silver or fake silver. It’s the same story for gold too. In case you’re worried about the metals being fake, don’t… because its not just the metal that is considered auspicious, it’s the hue as well. For Gold & Silver Rakhi’s visit - https://www.mypoojabox.in/collections/silver-gold-rakhi

Anyway, at the end of the day, the point is to keep the above styles of designer Rakhi’s in mind while picking the right one for your brother. You can buy pretty much all of the above Rakhis online itself through your mobile phone or PC. Plus, major e-commerce brands such as ours, have online Rakhi delivery in India as well as an option to send Rakhis world wide with our international delivery channels.

So, get browsing and let the joys of Raksha Bandhan take over!


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