Bollywood's Karwa Chauth Celebrations Over the Years

Bollywood's Karwa Chauth Celebrations Over the Years

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We’ve all seen those over-the-top depictions of Karwa Chauth in Bollywood over the years. The wife waits for the husband to return home after work to do the ceremony. The wife will usually fast from sunrise to sunset and eat only after said ceremony. The ceremony is done to ensure the husband's good health and the marriage's longevity.

The husband then showers his wife with gifts to show her his appreciation. My Pooja Box makes this process easy, as there are tonnes of gifting options for Karwa Chauth.

Karwa Chauth for 2023 falls on the 13th of October. The festival marks the beauty of marriage and is a milestone in any newlywed couple’s lives.

Here are a few ways you can bring your Karwa Chauth festival to life in your household!

Gifting Karwa Chauth gifts to the wife

Do you know the saying? Happy wife, happy life? Well, take this mantra to heart and make sure to gift karva chauth gifts to your wife. This is important because she spends most of her day preparing for the ceremony and will stay without food for most of the day.

Your karwa chauth gift to wife has to stand out. You can even get her premade Karva chauth gift sets.

My Pooja Box has several gift box items, and they are all sure to make your wife happy in this Karva Chauth festival! Here are a few examples!

1. The Charming Meenakari Grey Earrings are an amazing karwa chauth gift to wife option. The elegant yet striking earrings are unique, and can only be found on My Pooja Box’s website. These earrings are sure to get a smile on her face,

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2. The Marvelous Meenakari Sky Blue Jhumkas are also perfect for gifting as they are likely to get worn a lot. The beautiful uncommon design will make sure that you are turning heads wherever you go.

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3. A Clear Quartz Natural Crystal Necklace is also a very unique karwa chauth gift to wife option. The clear quartz is said to forge love and positive vibrations into a person. It can help create a stronger bond with your wife too!

Decorating the house with puja decorations:

Karva Chauth is a very special festival for a lot of wedded Indians. The festival is celebrated with much gusto and enthusiasm! Therefore it makes sense that you would want to decorate your house to reflect the mood!

My Pooja Box has amazing Karva Chauth-related decoration items at unbelievable prices. Take for example the Decorative Karwa Chauth Thali Set. The set comes with beautiful and premium Karva Chauth thali, channi, and lota. These items are beautiful to look at, and make for beautiful decorative pieces for the house! It can also be used for the Karva chauth ceremony as well!

Curating one-of-a-kind puja thali:

An important component of the karva chauth festival is the preparation of the thali and the ceremony that is performed right afterward. A lot of care and thought go into preparing a thali. The importance of a beautifully built thali cannot be understated. My Pooja Box has several designer thali sets on offer that are sure to make your Karva Chauth memorable!

Take for example the Inayat Green Karwa Chauth Thali Set. this beautiful thali set comes with a thali, and channi in a matching golden green color scheme. This set also features a decorated lota. The matching colour scheme brings harmony to the thali set!

The Blissful Blue Flora Karwa Chauth Thali Set is another example of how a matching thali set can make the karva chauth ceremony feel special for you and your loved one. This set in particular features a thali with blue floral designs and a channi and lota in its matching style. The set also includes glass. The beautiful dark blue floral design will surely bring charm to the ceremony and make sure that you remember this moment for years to come!

My Pooja Box has many such thali sets. You are sure to find a thali set that matches your purpose and aesthetic! Head to My Pooja Box today to get your hands on these limited edition designer thali sets.

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