Best Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for Christmas in 2020

Christmas tree decorations

Christmas is that time of year when excitement is going through the roof. Whether this is a result of your religious beliefs regarding this auspicious period or just a result of holiday excitement that allows you to spend time with your family and friends, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you and your family enjoy this highly anticipated global festival!

A lot of time before and during Christmas Day is spent on xmas tree decorations in your house with So how best to decorate your Christmas tree? Well, here are some of the best Christmas tree decoration ideas for you and your family!


LED Tree Lights

This is probably the most effective xmas tree decoration available on the market. Not only does it light up your tree for all to see but it can also give it a unique look if you pick your lights right. We’d suggest figuring out what kind of theme you’d wish to have on your tree. It could range from extremely colorful, using a rainbow style LED tree lights, a dual tone style LED tree light or just a single-color light to keep things simple and classy. There is a reason LED lights have taken over almost all industries, from cars to public road lights, LED lights are not only cost effective but incredibly pretty too.


Christmas Garlands

Yup, Christmas trees can wear garlands and necklaces too. These garlands are again a relatively common decoration item during Christmas but if used and installed right, they can really make your Christmas tree look like it came straight out of a movie! The garlands are available in multiple different styles including some that have their own lights. If placed in a systematic and mildly geometric pattern, they can really set the tone for the rest of your decor, allowing you to then place smaller decor items around it.


Christmas tree ornaments

Available as an almost unlimited list of options, these small Christmas tree ornaments are like the icing on the cake. The goal is to ensure all ornaments being installed on to the tree are related either by way of color or style. People tend to just chuck Christmas tree ornaments on like free chocolate chips on ice cream! The probability of something random looking good is not too high and while you might end up with something unique, the probability for the same is quite low. Which is why it’s better to keep in mind the general theme of decorations you wish to add. So, if the lights selected by you to cover the tree are rainbow colored, it won’t hurt to go for multi colored Christmas tree ornaments. However, if the case is the complete opposite and you’ve gone for a singular or dual color tone, you can then further select ornaments in colors that contrast well with the LED lights you plan to have installed.


Christmas Legends

We have all heard of a certain Christmas legend known as Santa Claus. Someone all kids love to meet and greet at malls. So why not throw in a couple of Santa merchandise onto the tree as well? I’m not just talking about an old man with a white beard. He has his elves too you know… not to forget the reindeers… Rudolph to be precise. All these Christmas characters will really help give your Christmas tree that extra wow factor you are looking for. Especially for the kids, who would be over the moon to see a bunch of elves hanging from a branch or Santa, Rudolph and the gang making their way around to the top of the tree.


Christmas Gifts

No Christmas tree is complete without the presents! So, make sure you throw in a couple of boxes (Preferably with actual gifts in them) and complete the set up. Now remember, the whole color tone and color theme story applies here as well! So, ensure the wrapping paper you use to wrap the presents, are in sync with the general theme of display or set up. It’s always the little things that make the biggest differences.


Christmas White Stuff

Get your head out the gutter! You know what we mean… Snow is not only a natural phenomenon associated with winters, it’s almost always the backdrop to any cartoon, show or movie based during Christmas time. Adding snow to the tree is another tip that is sure to get the kids excited! Now ofcourse, we aren’t suggesting you get real snow and just throw it on.  We are however, suggesting you pick up some cotton and chuck it on for good measure. It really helps bring out the whole “winter wonderland” vibe which kids are sure to appreciate.

So, keep what we said in mind next time you head out or go online to buy your Christmas tree decorations. If followed correctly, you should end up with a Christmas tree that puts a smile on the faces of people around you.

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