50th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Indian couple

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Indian couple

Have a 50th wedding anniversary ahead of your parents or close relatives?? So, what are you planning to give them and make their special day still more special? No Idea??

When it comes to wedding anniversary gifts for parents or close relatives, and that too for the Golden Anniversary, it is natural to get confused or jumbled between the myriad of online products.

Not to worry! As a leading eCommerce platform for all your gifting and decor needs, My Pooja Box has the proper collection of gifts that can transform into your ultimate choice. From high-quality craftsmanship, handmade options, and fast delivery to budget-friendly products, at My Pooja Box, you can find a wide assortment of options appropriate for golden anniversary presents, 50th birthday gifts, or other occasions.

To make your decision easier, we've listed some categories/products from which you can select an option as a gift. Take a look if you are willing to make the special day more memorable!

Gifts for Home Decor:

Wish to give something that ensures you are in mind whenever people see your gift? Then, there's no other thing better than providing a "Home Decor." The My Pooja Box gives you a wide range of Home Decor collections that are beautiful and handcrafted, making them a perfect gift for such special occasions. These gifts are available in different sizes and shapes, ensuring to add life to those empty spaces making the house look more alive and unique.

Some of them are -

Alluring Windowpane Lantern:

 Alluring Windowpane Lantern

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Well, you can try giving some vintage stuff. And for this, consider an alluring windowpane lantern specially designed for home decor.

This classic windowpane lantern will change that dull look of the receiver's house into a sassy one. The lantern is created from metal and glass. It has an old brown and metallic gold color to enhance the vintage look. It also has a hook that can be used to hang the lantern in the desired place.

Handcrafted Akriti T-Light Holder:

 Akriti T-Light Holder

This handcrafted Akriti T-Light Holder by My Pooja Box smartens up the aesthetic appeal of the receiver's home. This teardrop T-light holder is perfect for decorating festivals or other special occasions and is a great gift idea. This T-light Holder is crafted with high-quality iron material and makes the right choice for decorating empty corners at times of festivals and celebrations.


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In Indian families, bells are given to bring more good luck and prosperity and keep positivity in the house, repelling all negative energies. Perhaps this could be one of the most precious 50th anniversary gifts for parents who are spiritual.

Spiritual Gift Items

Spiritual or religious gifts are something that you can give to someone who has faith in himself and the almighty above all. Knowing the recipient closely is the best way to decide the kind of gift to give. Once you know the recipient's age, hobbies, interests, and spiritual inclination, you can select from the options below.

God Idols/Murti:

What can be more precious than giving God's idol as a gift on the most special day of their life? Well, some beautifully handcrafted idols are perfect for gifting your loved ones on the most special day of life. A humble suggestion, go for the "Ganesha Idol" as lord Ganesha is known as "Vighnaharta," meaning the "Destroyer of all the Problems." Also, in our culture, before any pooja or special occasions, first and foremost, the pooja of Lord Ganesha is done, making it a perfect choice for gifting.

24K Gold Foil Ram Darbaar:


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This exquisite pooja box displays artwork that depicts a Ram Darbar in intricate detail. The artwork featured has been wrapped in 24KT gold foil and comes with a lacquer coating that helps protect your pooja box from everyday wear and tear. The box houses two plaques on each side that display holy and auspicious texts.

Tibetan Singing Bowl:

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It is said that singing musical bowls makes the environment more peaceful and joyous through its fascinating sound, produced by rotating the wooden mallet in the brass bowl. The detailing on this brass Tibetan singing bowl makes it look more fascinating and beautiful. The magical sound produced by the bowl and wooden mallet gives you a sense of positivity and peace to work and take life's challenges more passionately. If you decide to present it, tell the recipients to use it to make their surroundings more peaceful. Also, remind them to use it daily to keep their mind, body, and soul positive and healthy.

Crystal Jewelry:

Don’t you think special occasions deserve special celebrations? Be it personal achievement milestones that depict your love and blessings. If you are attending a special event for a friend or family member or growing a particular party for your dear ones, you might be looking for exquisite gift items. We offer a wide range of personal accessories like pendants, Crystal Healing Bracelets, and much more. These are perfect gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. Here are some of the most adorable ones from our collection:

Rose Quartz & Black Onyx Couple Bracelet:

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The healing powers of rose quartz crystals come together with the power of black onyx crystals in this beautiful set of 2 healing crystal bracelets. This Rose Quartz & Black Onyx couple bracelet is one of the unique and cherishable gift items one can receive. Loaded with benefits, these bracelets heal and strengthen relationships as they help open up the heart to unconditional love.

Red Jasper Heart Pendant Necklace:

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A stone of great clarity, strength, and energy- Red Jasper stimulates the Chi or life force, enhancing stability and stamina. Ranging in color from deep red to a reddish-brown Red Jasper is a stone of health that offers healing and increased strength. Featuring the grounding stone, Red Jasper Heart Pendant Necklace makes an outstanding wedding anniversary gift for parents.

Evil Eye Jewelry:

The evil eye is considered for repelling the negative energies from the surroundings and keeping it full of positivity. Further, it is also known to protect its owner from those who try to bring bad luck to the owner. Also, the simple yet elegant design of every Evil Eye Jewelry makes it very fashionable for all ages.

Turkish Evil Eye Bracelet:

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This Turkish Evil Eye Bracelet is a universal symbol of protection believed to nullify the strong effects of curses or negative energies. Evil Eye is a "reflector of harm." Suiting almost every type of outfit, this endless style of Turkish Evil Eye Bracelet looks excellent and is becoming quite trendy in recent times. Possessing profound spiritual and religious importance, this bracelet benefits and showcases its impact on the lives of a larger world population. This classic evil eye bracelet can protect the receiver from the negative energies thrown by people.

Evil Eye Pendant Necklace :

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Spirituality is the ultimate driving and surviving force of nature. Spirituality teaches you the lessons of life and how to deal with adversities. We have many spiritual products like healing crystals and salt lamps, and this evil eye pendant necklace for spirituality is one of them. This pendant has a circular structure similar to the human body's chakras. You will see an eye at the center that works magic for you. This pendant is one of the ways to upgrade your spiritual forces and increase your consciousness that will allow you to tune into another dimension of spirituality.


These are a few handpicked 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents to make their special day more memorable. Apart from these, the My Pooja Box has many other collections of such gifts which are worth gifting to your loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for?? Order some beautiful things, and make your loved ones feel more special. For more gift ideas,

click here: https://www.mypoojabox.in/collections/50th-wedding-anniversary-gifts

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