50th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Indian couple

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Indian couple

Having a 50th wedding anniversary up ahead of your parents or perhaps any of your close relatives?? So, what are you planning to give them and make their special day still more special? No Idea?? Well then, to make your work easy, we’ve listed some gifts down below which can help you make the special day more special.

1. Home Decor: Wish to give something that ensures you are in mind whenever people see your gift? Then, there’s no other thing better than giving a “Home Decor”. The My Pooja Box gives you a wide range of Home Decor collections which are very beautiful and are handcrafted, making them a perfect gift for such special occasions. These gifts are available in different sizes and shapes ensuring to add life to those empty spaces making the house look more alive and unique.

Lantern For Home Decor

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2. Bells: In Indian families, the pooja is a daily ritual done either by our parents/grandparents and ringing the bell is an important part to end the ritual in a positive way. Bells are given to bring more good luck, prosperity and keep a positivity in the house repelling all the negative energies. Perhaps this could be one of the most precious 50th anniversary gifts if both your parents are spiritual.

3. Books: Books have always been an important part of life irrespective of the ages. Further, religious books hold a special space in all the Indian families as they are an important part used in many poojas and festivals. Also, the religious books when read give a lot of inner peace to the reader inturn keeping their mind calm and helping them to be healthy. Also, the parents or grandparents will always enjoy telling stories to their grandchildrens from such books, making them a perfect choice for gifting.

4. God Idols/Murti: What can be more precious than getting your favourite God’s idol as a gift on the most special day of your life. Well, here are some beautifully handcrafted idols which are just perfect for gifting your loved ones on the most special day of life. My personal suggestion, go for the “Ganesha Idol” as lord Ganesha is known as “Vighnahartha” meaning the “Destroyer of all the Problems”. Also, in our culture before any pooja or special occasions, first and foremost the pooja of Lord Ganesha is done, making it a perfect choice for gifting.

God Idols & Murti

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5. Pooja Items: Navratri festival represents the winning of good over evil. It is considered one of the biggest and joyful festivals of India which brings the entire family together. The festival is celebrated for 9 nights and 10 days, each day is dedicated to a particular goddess for all the 9 days. Hence, everyday a different pooja is done at home, making this “Navratri Pooja Samagri” a very delightful gift for your loved ones. Apart from this, the puja samagri can be also used for day to day pooja-rituals also, making this a very useful gift.

6. Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelets and Pendants: As the Rose Quartz Stone symbolizes “Universal Love”, a pair of bracelets/pendant made of this stone will be a perfect gift for your loved ones representing their love for so many years and many more years yet to come. Moreover, in many cultures the rose quartz-stone is considered to restore trust and harmony in relationships, reset the heart-chakra, promote deep inner peaceful feelings and also release stress.

7. Evil Eye: The evil eye is considered for repelling the negative energies from the surroundings and keeping it full of positivity. Further, it is also known to protect its owner from those who try to do the Black-magic and bring bad-luck for the owner. Also, the simple yet an elegant design of this product makes it very fashionable for all ages.

Well, these are a few handpicked 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents, ensuring to make their special day more memorable Apart from these, the My Pooja Box has many other collections of such gifts which are worth gifting to your loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for?? Grab your cell and order some beautiful things and make your loved ones feel more special.

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