25 Latest Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas at Home

Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas

With Ganesh Chaturthi, the most favorite and the biggest festival around, eco friendly Ganpati murti, its celebration, and decor themes are all things you need to plan for. Have a look at the 25 Latest Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas at Home. 

1. Exquisite Butterfly Urli

Urli is a traditional form of decor that elevates the essence of every Hindu festival and occasion. Available in a range of sizes, these lovely water-filled metal Urlis coupled with fresh flowers and scented candles lit along make Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations even more wonderful.

Exquisite Butterfly Urli

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2. Ivory Woven Storage Basket

Ganesh Chaturthi Puja Vidhi and celebration come with many Ganesh Chaturthi puja Samagri items that make the ritual complete. This Ivory basket woven with love incorporates all the ritual stuff and keeps the space organized and elevated.

3. Rose Gold Incense Holder with Leafy Decor

Created to hold incense sticks, this Rose Gold incense holder with leafy decor pattern wards off negativity and spreads freshness into the air with the rich fragrance. Encompass this beautiful item to your puja space today.

 Rose Gold Incense Holder with Leafy Decor

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4. Deluxe Om Bandhanwar

Delight the entrance of your home and the puja altar where Lord Ganeshan is worshipped with this Deluxe Om Bandhanwar. This is an ethnic embellishment and one of the prettiest Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas at home that drives off the negativity or evil energies and invites positive vibes and good luck.

Deluxe Om Bandhanwar

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5. Unique Clay Bal Ganesha Showpiece on Marble Base

This adorable Bal Ganesha in a relaxed, laid-back position made from the best quality brown clay is a piece of art posing no danger to Mother Nature. Every feature of this showpiece is highlighted with a rich golden tint that gives a unique touch.

6. Antique Brass Round Chowki

Showcasing creativity with its extraordinary designs and traditional patterns, this rustic round chowki made in brass is not just an antique piece of decor but also serves ‘the best’ Aasan for Lord Ganpati.

Antique Brass Round Chowki

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7. Sabiha Lotus T-light Candle Holder

Want to decorate the puja space with something unique this Ganesh Chaturthi? Roll your eyes to this gorgeous, durable and outstanding piece of art. Depicting a pretty blooming Lotus, this T-light holder space for a candle.

8. Antique Moroccan Hanging Lantern with Intricate Design

Amp up all the eleven days of Ganesh Chaturthi with the light work created by the Antique Moroccan hanging lantern with its intricate design. Showcasing a fusion of geometrical, floral, and traditional patterns embossed with care, this is one of the sophisticated Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas you can try out for home.

Moroccan Colorful Hanging Lantern

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9. Laxmi Ganesha Brass Pooja Thali with Diya

No Indian ritual, puja, or festival is complete without a beautiful Puja Thali. An addition to your puja space, here is a beautifully handcrafted pooja Thali which comes with a cute little Diya and idols of Laxmi and Ganesh. This Thali with a classic finish is perfect for Ganesh Chaturthi.

10. 6INCH Organic Cotton Garland/Mala

No Indian ritual, puja, or festival is complete without a beautiful Puja Thali. An addition to your puja space, here is a beautifully handcrafted pooja Thali which comes with a cute little Diya and idols of Laxmi and Ganesh. This Thali with a classic finish is perfect for Ganesh Chaturthi.

6INCH Organic Cotton Garland/Mala

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11. Antique Brass Gayatri OM Hanging

Appealingly stunning, this royal and sacred piece of brass hanging depicting OM circled with Gayatri Mantra. Hanging this brass piece just behind the adorable murti of Lord Ganesha, spruces up the excitement and joy of the 11 days festival.

12. Sparkling Chic Decorative Flower

Decorate those empty walls of your puja space with this sparkling chic decorative flower available in two sparkling colors, i.e., gold and silver. The beautiful twinkling lights paired with these decorative flowers give a dash to your home decor.

Sparkling Chic Decorative Flower

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13. Antique Brass Ganesh Shankh

Shankh is one of the sacred and the most auspicious objects, symbolizing beauty and positivity, which means ‘a conch holding the holy water’ in Sanskrit. This exotic piece with intricate carving done in brass depicting Shree Ganesha appeals extremely beautifully in the puja altar.

14. Aara Tealight Holder

When it comes to Ganesh Chaturthi decorations, T-light holders are the effortless style of charming the look of the interiors. This extravagant home decor item radiates the corners of the puja space and complements the interiors of the home.

Aara Tealight Holder

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15. Brass Laxmi Ganesha Saraswati Idols With Aesthetic Ring Design

Sure to elevate the aura of positivity and happiness in your home, this brass item carved to aesthetically pleasing idols of Laxmi, Ganesha and Saraswati is a reflection of divinity. Commemorate the birthday of the “Vighnaharta” this festival with one of the finest Ganesh Chaturthi decoration items.

16. Handcrafted Ceramic Wind Chime

Made of ceramic, this handcrafted wind chime catering to all your decor needs is beautifully painted. Its soothing sound created with the calm wind elevates the mood of the celebration. Tied with strong strings not only adds life to your home and is also a great Ganesh Chaturthi decoration idea.

Handcrafted Ceramic Wind Chime

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17. Hamza Iron Planter with Stand

Made from the finest quality of metal hammered to a masterpiece with a sturdy stand looks absolutely amazing and beautiful in every sense. Place this Hamza iron planter in the puja pace or where the Ganpati decorations are made and offer a personal touch to space.

18. 12x12 Inch Puja Aasan (Orange)

If you are planning for an Eco-friendly Ganpati decoration, you can have a look at this 12x12 inch Puja Aasan. Ornate with brocade border, this orange color Aasan made of soft velvet serves as an ideal mat for Ganpati Bappa.


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19. Glossy Black Backflow Smoke Waterfall Dhoop Burner

This glossy piece of home decor with modern backflow technology creates a smoky waterfall of the burning Dhoop. Place this stylish item just beside your beloved Ganpati Bappa idol and witness the magical effect created with the smoke of the aromatic Dhoop in your home.

20. Clear Quartz Vanilla Crystal Aromatherapy Candles (Set of 4)

Transform the idea of Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas at home this festive season with the aromatic candles adorned with the Clear Quartz Vanilla Crystal. Made from 100% natural wax infused with essential oils, dried flowers, herbs, and added fragrances, spread positivity.

Clear Quartz Vanilla Crystal Aromatherapy Candles

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21. Adjustable Blue Garland/Mala

Unlike any other decor item, you can decorate your Eco-friendly Ganpati murti with this adorable blue garland which comes with easy adjustment. Woven with beads of vibrant color combinations, this mala is an affordable item.

22. LED Traditional Diya Hanging Light

Inspired by the rich Indian culture, LED lights hanging with a number of lovely Diyas are perfect for pleasing the Lord Ganpati with its soft glow and which is illuminated in the puja space. Magnify the glow and add a finishing touch to your abode with its vintage style.

Wall Decorative Drop T-Light holder

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23. Handcrafted Round Copper Vases Set of 2

Showcasing a pretty design, these lovely copper vases, which are extremely durable and strong when incorporated with beautiful flowers, will make Lord Ganpati feel special.

24. Shiny Gold Lotus Urli

Offering a warm, welcoming feeling, this shiny gold Lotus Urli with intricate carvings is one of the amazing Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas. Used to decorate around the Chowki where the Ganpati idol is placed, this Urli looks spectacular when paired with charming flowers.

25. Porcelain Vase and Plate Table Top Decor

The exquisitely designed vase and plate tabletop decor made of Porcelain is tied with ribbon. Showcasing beautiful peacock design, this item available in 2 colors is worth buying.

Porcelain Vase and Plate Table Top Decor

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It is time to please our beloved Lord Ganesha with the outstanding Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Items and welcome home happiness. Pick the best Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas at home and celebrate this festival with love.

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