15 Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Indian Mom

mothers day gift ideas for mom

Mother is just not a beautiful verb popular over the world but she is someone who means the whole world to everyone. Her unconditional love, pampering, care and sacrifice till her last breath never falls short towards her loved ones. Her selfless and unending love for her child makes her daughter or son feel much safer than he would feel in heaven.

This Mothers Day let us commemorate the motherhood, heroism, power, and beauty of the lovely masterpiece created by God. Offering you an opportunity to thank her for everything that she has bestowed upon you, here are 15 amazing Mothers Day Gift Ideas you need to have a look at.

1. Aromatic Gifting Box

Hampers are always a surprising factor you can gift your mother and make Mothers Day a memorable one for her. Packed with love, this aesthetically pleasing box unwraps itself to an adorable Ganesha Backflow with Dhoop cones, etc.

Aromatic Gifting Box

2. Blossom Elegant Urli

Treasuring the essence of every festival, this elegant blue-colored Urli is a perfect choice for traditional yet stylish Moms. Honoring her devotion towards her favorite Gods and Goddesses, this is one of the gorgeous gifts you can buy Mothers Day gifts online.

Blossom Elegant Urli

3. Rose Quartz Roller & Gua Sha Facial Combo

While caring for her family members, our mothers have never been paying attention to their skincare. So yes, this is the time to make your mother glow and rejuvenate her skin face roller and Gua Sha made of the baby pink Rose Quartz stone.

Rose Quartz Roller & Gua Sha Facial Combo

4. Personalized Photo Frames

Photo Frames are the on-the-go solution if you are looking for a simple gift with a personal touch. Reviving the special moments that you have created with your mother, this gift item makes you cherish the old memories.

5. Wishing Tree Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket

Derived from the foothills of the greater Himalayas, the larger pieces of pink salt are placed in the lamp basket carved to a charming wishing tree. Alongside wishing her a Happy Mothers Day, you can wish her a healthy life ahead with this gift.

Wishing Tree Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket

6. Embellish Rose Pooja Thali

Why not surprise your Mom with this delicate Embellished Rose Pooja Thali? Elevating the puja space, this eye-catching puja Thali with intricate design is something that you should buy Mothers Day gifts online.

Embellish Rose Pooja Thali

7. Charming Heart Shaped Chocolate Jar

Chocolates and sweets are never out of style when it comes to gifting your loved ones. Let your mother bite in the sweetness of the chocolates filled in the heart-shaped glass jar. Enjoy the nostalgia by remembering every moment you have spent with your mother.

Charming Heart Shaped Chocolate Jar

8. Evergreen Perfumes

Perfumes are a classic style of expressing your love towards your pretty mother that will make her feel even more rejuvenated and fresh all day long.

9. Make It Special With Lovely Flowers

Every woman loves flowers and pairing them with luscious desserts is a classic combination. Serving as one of the best Mother's Day gift ideas for Mom, the soothing, vibrant, and attractive colors of the flowers works magic.

Beautiful Decorative Artificial Flower Stick

10. Grey Floral Serving Trays-Set of 2

Caring for every single element in the kitchen just like her kid, every mother loves it to be groomed in an impressive way. So, these Floral Serving Trays reflecting a unique combination of grey over red color is a perfect gift.

Grey Floral Serving Trays

11. Evil Eye Pendant Necklace for Solitude & Peace

Appealing extremely trendy and stylish, this evil eye pendant around her neck elevates the collection of her favorite accessories. This piece of jewelry will protect your mother from negativity and shield her from accidents, there offering solitude and peace.

Evil Eye Pendant Necklace for Solitude & Peace

12. Decorative Planters

It is so true that plants deliver us a great amount of oxygen and it is our duty to plant trees for a better future. Deriving amazing benefits, decorative planters with their refreshing lush-green color fill positivity and happiness in your Mother’s life.

Decorative Planters

13. Traditional Laxmi Ganesha Saraswati Idol with Diya

Deliver your love for your mother with this curated Mothers Day Gift Ideas Ideal in any puja space, this masterpiece with a rustic appeal is one-of-its kind item to surprise your Mom.

Traditional Laxmi Ganesha Saraswati Idol with Diya

14. Kalamkari Inspired Serving Platters

Perfectly safe in the microwave, these serving platters inspired by Kalamkari design are sure to make your mother fall in love with them. These hand-painted platters showcase handpainted styles.

Kalamkari Inspired Serving Platters

15. Surprise her with a relaxing gift

We have often seen our mother’s heels cracked due to the 24x7 work she has been doing. Don't you think she needs a relaxing pedicure treatment? Yes, this is one of the outstanding Mother's Day gift ideas for Mom.


Buy Mothers Day gifts online to convey your love and affection for your mother with us. Call her by any name, i.e; Aai, Mom, Amma, Maa, Mumma, or Mummy and never let an amazing chance slip from your hand to bring a wide smile on her face and tears of happiness.

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