10 Important Tips for Pregnant Woman While Fasting for Karwa Chauth

Tips for Karwa Chauth Fast During Pregnancy

Karva Chauth is more than a religious observance; it is also a spiritual practise. This ritual is observed by married women in order to ensure the health and happiness of their husbands.

The devotion is so strong that many women refrain from drinking even a drop of water during the fast, which lasts until the moon is worshipped at the end of the day. Thus, when it comes to this fasting, pregnant women are frequently put in a difficult situation.

It is an emotionally challenging choice between the desire for their husband's well-being on the one hand and the yearning for the healthy development of their child on the other!

For pregnant mothers who are determined about fasting, the following are some suggestions for healthy fasting:

●  First and foremost, seek the advice of your gynaecologist before beginning the fast because it has the potential to cause hypertension and gestational diabetes.

●  If you are in your first or third trimester, it may be a little more challenging for you, but if you are in your second trimester, you can consider fasting (months 4-6).

Tip #1: Don't starve yourself completely

Do not deprive yourself of food: A day without food or water is a complete no during pregnancy, and you should avoid doing so at all costs. So, research whether there is a technique to get past this procedure.

Tip #2: Go for a traditional Sargi with a glass of milk

Don't forget to finish your sargi with a large glass of milk before commencing the fast, as this will provide you with the necessary energy to complete the fast without feeling fatigued.

Tip #3: Consume fruits and juices every two hours

Your body requires energy to perform at its best, and this is much more true when you are expecting a child. As a result, ensure that you consume food every two hours. You could consume fruits or fruit juices as a healthy option. Hydration is also crucial, and drinking coconut water can help with that as well as other things.

Tip #4: Don't worry if you have nausea or a headache

It is possible that you will experience nausea, headaches, or dizziness while pregnant, even after eating fruits and drinking plenty of water. However, keep in mind that this is totally natural. However, if you feel that your fast is becoming unbearable, do not hesitate to break it immediately.

Tip #5: Keep yourself occupied

It is critical to keep yourself occupied, and your mind diverted so that you do not worry about the fast too much, or else you may have severe hunger pangs. One of the best ways to keep yourself engaged is reading books, novels, or Bhagavad Gita.

Tip #6: Get enough sleep

As a mother, it is your goal and responsibility to provide for and care for the child who has not yet been born. So, if you are fasting on Karwa Chauth, make sure you get enough sleep so that the baby is also relaxed. Additionally, avoid over burdening your body.

Tip #7: Break your fast with light meals

When you break your fast, it is better not to consume high-calorie foods or foods that contain a lot of sugar because this can lead to gestational diabetes.

Tip #8: Don’t dress heavily

Wearing something comfortable is preferable to avoid any inconveniences. Try to avoid dressing up in a heavy saree and accessories like a hefty necklace or earrings, as they tend to make you feel heavy.

Tip #9: Restrict yourself from doing any work

Avoid doing any work or lifting objects during this period. Try and relax as much as you can to avoid any complications. Despite the fact that fasting can be physically demanding, avoid becoming fully immobile. Taking small or short easy walks is not harmful. Also, avoid talking on the phone as speaking continuously may drain your energy levels.

Tip #10: Be mentally prepared

Stay positive and be mentally prepared about fasting the whole day. Do your research, talk to your gynaecologist, speak to everyone at your home about your fasting. Emotional support, love, and care during this period ease the entire process.

Now that you have noted all the important things to keep in mind while observing the Karwa Chauth fast, we wish lots of happiness and a healthy life to your entire family and the little baby.

Happy Karva Chauth..!

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