How to decorate your bedroom according to Vastu shastra?

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A bedroom is a place where you rest and recharge yourself. It should be decorated in such a manner that it enhances your mental peace and rejuvenates your body. I am sure all of us would like to decorate our bedrooms according to vastu shastra so as to get the positive vibes from our home. Here is a list of a few room decoration items that are perfect to ensure positivity in your bedrooms. 

Room decoration items for your home from MyPoojaBox:

Exotic Beaded Mosaic Table Lamp


This Exotic Beaded Mosaic Table Lamp is a stunning piece of decor for any room in your home. With its unique style and color, this lamp will brighten up the space it occupies. This table lamp has a white shade with beaded mosaic detailing that gives the lamp an exotic look. The base is made from metal and has a silver finish to match the shade perfectly. It features one light bulb and comes with an on/off switch located at the socket, so you can easily turn off/on your desired lighting without unplugging or turning off another light source in the room! 

  • Ideal direction as per vastu: North or East 

 Dazzling Buddha Head Showpiece


The Dazzling Buddha Head Showpiece is a stunning and majestic piece of art. This showpiece features a splendid and brightly colored head of the Buddha, with intricately painted details on both sides. The paint has been used to create an intricate design that flows across the face in waves, which are followed by small swirls in lighter tones. This showpiece would be perfect for anyone looking to bring some positivity into their home or office space, as it is sure to provide inspiration for many years to come!

  • Ideal direction as per vastu: North-East 

Hamza Iron Planter with Stand

Iron Planter with Stand


The Hamza Iron Planter is a beautiful way to bring positivity and peace into your home. It can be used as an accent piece, or to hold potted plants. The stand is made of metal with a design that resembles bamboo shoots. The design features a cone shaped pot with a ringed base, which this stands upon while being securely fastened to it by its metal brackets. It is perfect for people who want something modern and minimalistic in their homes without sacrificing functionality!

  • Ideal direction as per vastu: North-East 

 Feng Shui Pair of Golden Swan 

Feng Shui Pair of Golden Swan


The Feng Shui Pair of Golden Swans for Good Fortune brings good fortune and prosperity to your life. The golden swans are symbols of beauty, grace, power, love, intelligence, long life and happiness. This pair is traditionally displayed in the bedroom as it represents a happy marriage and harmony between couples. It will also bring peace and tranquillity to the married couple's bedroom. 

  • Ideal direction as per vastu: West

Himalayan Pink Salt Firebowl Glow Lamp

Himalayan Pink Salt Firebowl Glow Lamp


The Himalayan Salt Glow Lamp is a beautiful alternative to the traditional candle. The lamp emits negative ions, which purify the air and help you sleep better at night. It's also completely safe for children and pets! Just plug it in, turn it on and enjoy its calming glow as it cleanses the air around you and helps make life easier. 

  • Ideal direction as per vastu: North-East and South-West

 Dazzling Lord Ganesha Water Fountain

Dazzling Lord Ganesha Water Fountain


Vastu is a great supporter of nature. Water components are said to be lucky. It helps to keep positive energy flowing and tensions at bay. A modest indoor fountain like Dazzling Lord Ganesha Water Fountain from MyPoojaBox can be a wonderful addition to your home. These can go in the north, east, or north-east. Attempt to position the fountain so that the water flows in that direction.

  • Ideal direction as per vastu: North or East or North-East 

You may effortlessly bring in positive energy without making any substantial modifications to your home by using these Vastu Room decoration items from MyPoojaBox.

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