Rakhi Combo

Rakhi Combo

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The cultural import of Rakhi in Indian society cannot be overstated enough. It has been followed for ages and this one day is kept aside to celebrate the auspicious bond between a brother and a sister with great pomp and show. In some parts of the country, Brahmins often change their sacred thread on this occasion instead of a new one. For this one day, the sister keeps a fast and prays for the safety and well-being of the brother, and ties a rakhi on the wrist of the brother. Even though you cannot go wrong with the basics, you can always try for a rakhi combo for brother from My Pooja Box to make sure all your bases are covered.

Since rakhi has become an occasion where all members of the family come together, having some excess gifts in the form of a rakhi combo set might just come in handy for the occasion. Even when your brother is not living with you, you can send the rakhi with My Pooja Box’s delivery system to celebrate this auspicious occasion. In fact, with the passage of time, Rakhi has gone on to hold true to for several other relationships. People now use it to protect all of their loved ones irrespective of gender and whatever relationship is shared. In Hindi mythology Lord Indra, Queen Karnavati, Kunti and in history Rabindranath Tagore have used the rakhi to great cultural effect. In a famous historical story Queen Karnavati had sent a rakhi to Humayun asking for his help when Bahadur Shah Zafar was about to attack Chittor. In keeping with tradition Humayun had decided to help her. Irrespective where your loved ones are located in the country we make sure that distances never come in between relationships and your love reaches them from far and beyond.

Get your Rakhi combo for Bhaiya Bhabhi bookings done from My Pooja Box today

In this august occasion of Rakhi make sure that Rakhi is not confined to your brother only especially when he comes back home with his wife. With a Rakhi Combo for Bhaiya Bhabi, you are sure to win more hearts and consolidate your bonds with your extended family. With My Pooja box, you can choose from an assortment of colors and embellishments for a pair of rakhis for your brother and his wife. There are zardosi rakhis for your favorite ones available, that have been niftily handcrafted with a lot of care by artisans. The rakhis are often made in a combination of colorful threads and semi-precious stones which acquire a symbolic value of how much attached you are with your brother and his wife. They exude a very trendy and classy look in tandem and make the wearer consider wearing it even after the occasion has ended. These rakhis often use golden and silver color threads as suspenders with Kundan work in the crest sometimes. There are other kinds of rakhis available for your extended family that include pearl rakhi, purple rakhi, pearl zardosi rakhis, and the likes. Get the online rakhi combo for your family irrespective of where they are with My Pooja box and their efficient delivery mechanism. Just log on to our website today and pick your selection of rakhi combo for brother.

Exciting Rakhi Gift Combo for Brother

It is a given that any Indian occasion will have some amount of sweets in it to have a sense of completion to the festivities of the day. This is why the Rakhi with sweets assortment is bound to be a hit with your family this rakhi. This saves you the trouble of standing in sweet shops and buying sweets, plus the products of My Pooja Box will of course be of better quality than products from your local shops. Among the rakhi with sweet variants, we also have an almond cake and chocolate marble cake along with your favorite rakhi. There are also variants in the sweet section like you can get Kaju Katli, Gulab Jamun, or Besan ka Laddoo along with your favorite rakhi. Place your rakhi gift combo with My Pooja Box today and let us take care of your precious little festival.

There is also the option of Rakhi with dry fruits for those of you who have health issues or are trying to watch your weight. In the dry fruits, the rakhi gift combo My Pooja box brings has a collection of almonds, cashew, and raisins. The nuts in the collection are very healthy for your cardiovascular condition and lower the risk of diabetes and keep bone health intact. They also have a high calorific value and dry fruits will always be a very thoughtful gift no matter who you give them to. This rakhi gift combo will win your loved ones’ hearts and subtly let them know that you care for them. For replacement, the company has pledged to replace products that have reached you with manufacturing defects. To change those, you need to process your refund request within 5 days of the delivery and you need to have the receipt of the product handy along with a picture of the defected product.

The rakhi with chocolate deal is probably the most popular deal for most of you. Chocolate has replaced sweets in most urban households because of the variants in the kind of chocolate that is available. Also, chocolate is one of the most advertised products so it's natural that it is associated as a cultural symbol. My Pooja Box has the widest array of chocolates. There is a starter rakhi gift combo for brother with basic Dairy Milk. There are other exotic varieties of chocolates like Ferrero Rocher and often these two combinations are put together if you want it like that. Order your favorite rakhi with chocolates combo for a fun and wholesome rakhi with your family. My Pooja box also has a pretty simplified return policy.

Order the Rakhi combo for brother online from My Pooja Box today to enjoy rakhi 2021

This rakhi makes sure that you order the Rakhi Combo for brother online from the diversified stocks of My Pooja Box and the rest will be done with the greatest of efficiency. You can order from the rakhi combo set that has dry fruits or the online rakhi combo set with chocolates and even the bhaiya bhabhi rakhi for a house party for this rakhi. My Pooja Box is not just a solution for your rakhi needs, it also a station where you can place all your demands whenever any festival is around the corner. When your order a rakhi gift combo for brother from our website you can keep tabs on the delivery with our order tracking mechanism. With every order which amounts to more than 1000 rupees you also get the facility of free shipping with My Pooja Box. My Pooja Box also has miniature as well as normal-sized idols alongside fragrances and incense for your Pooja needs as well. They have a clearly defined refund and replacement policy that keeps in mind the convenience of the customers. All you need to do is retain a proof of purchase from the website and the picture of the product in case it is defective. The amount that compensates for your purchase will be refunded to you. For refund, however, the transportation cost needs to be taken care of by the consumer. If you had paid by electronic means, then the amount will be credited to your account within 7-21 days and if you had opted for COD then it will be reverted to your website account.

My Pooja Box also has in its store a treat for astrology enthusiasts. With just a click, you will be able to see what the month has in store for you. You can also follow the website from close quarters because it has its pages in almost all social media platforms and it will update you on new products and their offers. The Aarti portal of My Pooja Box enables you to read and chant the digitized version of the holy scriptures for whatever occasion is looming large in the horizon.

It has inbuilt Aarti routines for most Poojas. Also My Pooja Box has its own calendar to make sure that you never miss out on your favorite occasion and that festivals that you love is more about you living them than commemorating them. The blog section of the website allows you to enhance your knowledge about the festivals that you celebrate. By reading these blog you will be able to understand why people do things in a certain way and the spiritual import of those actions. There is plenty of information available which is festival specific that gives you a detailed insight into a particular one. Apart from plain information there are suggestions as to how to build a sustainable Pooja culture.

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