World Environment Day Importance – 5 Effective Ways To Save The Environment

world environment day importance

World Environment Day is more important today that it has ever been before. The sad bit is, its importance is only going to be rising as time goes on. All thanks to technology, development and industrialization taking place across the globe. Small countries that have a lot of green cover unfortunately fall into the underdeveloped category. This in turn means, once development begins, the green cover seen starts to slowly disappear.

The biggest problem is, the worlds environment was being kept in balance by non-developed countries that have a much cleaner and pure environment as opposed to developed countries. However, with globalization in full swing, the environment of developing countries, is only deteriorating.

Bearing all of this in mind, we need to make a conscious effort to treat every day like it’s World Environment Day. With that said, let’s look at 10 simple ways to save the environment.

10 Ways To Save The Environment:

1. Start Small: Plant A Tree

ways to save the environment- plant a tree

All major turn arounds start with one simple step. In this case, planting a tree can make a world of difference in the future… A lot of people may argue, “Well, we won’t be there 30 years from now, who cares!?”. To those I’d say, you might not be… but your family will. Do you want to leave them behind in a burning waste land? …. I didn’t think so.

Trees are crucial to the eco system… every 5th grader knows that. So how come big builders, road planners etc forget? Luckily, with time, the world is slowly but surely realising the importance of the environment. However, this is not happening fast enough. Which is why we need all builders to plant as trees as they cut for their projects. This way, at least a balance can be maintained.

Just think about it, if every individual were to plant 1 tree, we’d have 7.53 Billion trees. So, while it would be nice for companies to take this on, it may not be a practice all would like to follow. So do what you can, and plant a tree this World Environment Day.

You can even get eco friendly Ganesh idols that have been made using clay which contains seeds within. This means, once your pooja is over, you can effectively plant the Ganesha idol within your property or around it. Not only would you be planting another tree, you’d be planting one with the powers of Lord Ganesha within.

2. Stop Throwing Waste On Our Roads

ways to save the environment-stop throwing waste on our roads

Indians are notorious for having the bad habit of throwing waste anywhere they find convenient. This has single handily helped choke our earths soil and as a result, plants have been finding it that much harder to sustain themselves.

Countries such as Singapore have imposed huge fines on littering and this, along with a certain degree of environmental education has ensured the country is one of the cleanest in the world. Yes, it’s quite small and is probably no bigger than the capital of Delhi, but there is a lesson to be learned there.

If we restrict ourselves to throwing waste in the appropriate bins, not only will our streets be cleaner, our plants will grow greener and our farmers will suffer far less than they do now. Like with most points in this article, the effort has to be made by both the state and it’s people.

3. Re-use Your Plastic Bags

ways to save the environment-re use the plastic bags

Plastic bags unfortunately don’t seem to be disappearing as fast as we’d like. Shops are still providing plastic bags and don’t seem to be showing any signs of stopping. That being said, if we just re use the plastic bags we get, they won’t really find their way into our soil.

A lot of people tend to throw away plastic bags once they’ve pulled out their groceries, clothes or whatever products that were inside. These bags, if kept, can then be used to carry items in the future. As a result, the store you buy your daily use products from won’t have to give you a bag as you already brought your own.

Again, just imagine if a significant number of people started to do this… you’d never need to give a customer a carry bag ever again!

4. Save Water!

ways to save the environment-save water

This is probably the most crucial aspects of our lives currently as water is slowly running out. For whatever reasons, the water crisis doesn’t quite seem to be making the news but it’s a very real problem indeed. Most major cities, specifically Bangalore, are extremely low on their water reserves.

You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that a world without water is not suitable for humans, plants and animals alike. So, make sure you make that extra effort to save water next time you take a shower or use the tap.

5. Promote Eco Friendly Packaging

ways to save the environment-promote eco friendly packaging

A lot of restaurants and food delivery services have started this rather strange new trend of excessive packaging. In an attempt to keep your food warm and looking fancy, delivery stores have started using heavy duty packaging which to be fair does help the food stay warm and I think more importantly for them, helps it look good. However, this trend has single handily increased the level of waste in metropolitan cities.

Restaurants and delivery channels must change their way of thinking. That being said, a situation like that will only come about when the consumers start to raise their voice about non eco-friendly packaging.

These are just a few of the many ways to save the environment or atleast stimulate the process. The ways of saving the environment are found almost every day, but for each new way to save the environment, we forget about one of the most basic steps that can be taken to help our environment back to it’s glory days.


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