What does your zodiac sign say about you?

What does your zodiac sign say about you

There are a lot of people who believe in zodiac signs and how each sign says something about their personality. At one point or other, we have all wanted to know if our character matches what our zodiac sign says. Surprisingly, most of the time, the resemblance is uncanny. Here, we have talked about what your zodiac sign says about you. If you are wondering what are the zodiac signs? We have covered that as well.

Zodiac Signs- Dates- What it tells about you?

  1. Aquarius ( 20th January- 18th February)

Aquarius zodiac signs ( 20th January- 18th February)

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Aquarians are very helpful people. They love to think rationally and thoughtfully. They love meaningful conversations and excels at humanitarian work. Aquarius' are sometimes shy, but mostly extroverts.

  1. Pisces (20th February- 20th March)

Pisces zodiac signs (20th February- 20th March)

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It is all about being kind and caring when it comes to Pisces. They can do anything to make their loved one's life better and simpler. They love musicals and are romantics. Although they tend to escape from reality.  Pisces' are also forgivers.

  1. Aries (20th March – 19th April)

Aries Zodiac Signs (20th March – 19th April)

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Aries' are always passionate and enthusiastic about everything that they do. They are easy leaders and always ready to take risks in order to get something new and exciting in life. In short, they are full of life. Hence, they tend to get impatient quite quickly, and if they do not get what they want, they get short-tempered.

  1. Taurus ( 20th April- 21st May)

Taurus zodiac signs ( 20th April- 21st May)

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Taurus' tend to be practical and patient with life. They work on things slowly and carefully. Time is not a factor for them, but accuracy is. A Taurus can be your best office colleague or your trustworthy friend. Although Taureans are very stubborn, they always stick to their ideology and do not move from that at all. They are afraid of sudden changes or being put on a random spot.

  1. Gemini ( 21st May- 21st June)

Gemini zodiac signs ( 21st May- 21st June)

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Being loyal means being a Gemini. They are very friendly and always ready to talk with anyone. They love nature. Geminis are always curious about everything and very open-minded. Geminis are generally talented artists and writers. Although they can be inconsistent and confusing at times.

  1. Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July)

Cancer zodiac signs (22nd June – 22nd July)

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Cancerians are generally very emotional. They are also loyal and can sympathize with people. They care for people. Cancers, although, are impatient and can be selfish at times.

  1. Leo (23rd July – 22nd August)

leo zodiac signs

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Leos love to be popular. They are born to be famous and to be on the stage. Leos are very creative and super fun people. They are also extremely passionate. Leos love the state, theatre and having fun with their friends. Leos also run after expensive materials. Since Leos always want to get attention, if they do not get it, they cannot stand it.

  1. Virgo ( 23rd August – 23rd September)

vigro zodiac signs

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Virgos check everything precisely to look for every minute detail. They are analytical, great critics, and well organized. Virgos are sometimes too critical of themselves, and that is stressful for them. Virgos are also quite emotional with a big heart.

  1. Libra ( 24th September – 23rd October)

libra zodiac signs

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Everyone loves Libras. They are very social and lovable. Libras are afraid of loneliness. They care about individuality and are always proud to be who they are. Libras are intellectual and love deep conversations. Libras do not like any conflicts.

    10. Scorpio (24th October- 22nd November)

scorpio zodiac signs

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Scorpios are great leaders. They always run after facts and look for the truth. You can always trust a Scorpio with everything. Although scorpions tend to be jealous sometimes, and it can harm their relationship with people.

     11. Sagittarius (23rd November- 21st December)

Sagittarius zodiac signs

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Sagittarians are very funny and open-minded. They are nomads and always intrigued to find new places. They are passionate as well. Sagittarians do not like clingy people, and they want to free and independent.

     12. Capricorn (22nd December – 20th January)

Capricorn zodiac signs

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Capricorns are disciplined human beings. They are great at management work, and they can easily follow the rules and make effective plans.  They have superb self-control. Capricorns cannot live without music and family.


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