The Yin & Yang Theory – Feng Shui

The Yin and Yang Theory – Feng Shui

You’ve probably heard all about the positive influence Feng Shui interiors and products can have on your life. But how much do you know about the Yin & Yang theory in Feng Shui? I’m assuming not too much...

After my own research, I found some articles to be a bit too confusing for a quick read. Which is why I thought I’d try and simplify it for those looking to learn a thing or two about Yin & Yang.

But first, what is the Yin & Yang theory? Well, the theory states, that everything in our known universe consists of two major forces that oppose each other but remain deeply connected. It’s the interaction of these opposing forces on a constant basis that creates the atmosphere around us. You may have noticed how some places seem more welcoming than others. This feeling is a byproduct of Yin & Yang elements. The existence of Yin is to counter act the forces of Yang & vice versa. One force cannot exist or function without the other.


So, What is Yin? And What is Yang?

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Yin refers to the feminine force that brings a sense of calm & relaxation to your mind and the surroundings around you. Yin is depicted as the black part of the Tai Chi symbol.

Examples – The silence of night, the calming sound of flowing water etc.

Yan refers to the masculine force that brings a sense of strength, motivation & fearlessness. This force is depicted by the white part of the Tai Chi symbol.

Examples – The bright lights & powerful energies of the sun, mountains etc.

These Yin & Yang elements can not only be found in Feng Shui products but also in our general surroundings.


Why do Yin & Yang go hand in hand?

You may have heard the saying “It’s important to maintain a balance in life”. This statement is why “work life balance” is key & it’s the Yin & Yang theory that created all of this in the first place. You know what they say… too much of anything is bad for you. Eating broccoli all day won’t do you any good… just like eating meat all day is said to cause health issues.

This is why, where there is Yin energy, there needs to be a presence of Yang. These opposite forces counter act each other’s extremities to maintain a balance where life can thrive.


Do certain rooms require more Yin than Yang & Vice-versa?

rooms require more Yin than Yang

Yes, however it doesn’t mean the room has only Yin or Yang energy. Depending on the room or space in question, one force needs to be more dominant that the other. The “other” force in question plays an important role in preventing an excess of one energy that can be bad for one’s health & overall life.

For example, A bedroom requires Yin to be more dominant than Yang as Yin represents peace & calm. These are the qualities that help you sleep stress free at night. Similarly, your office space at home requires Yang to be more dominant as it’s this energy that creates a productive flow of thoughts by increasing your mental energy & commitment levels.

As mentioned before, it’s important to have opposing forces for the dominant energies of Yin or Yang to ensure there isn’t an over flow of one type of energy. Having a bedroom with no Yang can cause laziness & excessive Yang without yin can cause serious stress in your office space!


What Has More Yin & What Has More Yang?


It’s mostly items that have bright or light shades of color that posses Yang. This includes light shades of blue, yellow, green etc. Similarly, items with dark & deep colors have more Yin. This would consist of darks shades of the before stated colors.


Items or products that have straight lines & angular design elements posses more Yang. Whereas, items that have more curves assist the Yin element.


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Items that are large in size tend to posses more Yang than Yin & vice versa.

For example, in your bedroom, having a bed with a curved design structure assists the presence of Yin. This why most beds you find in home décor stores have smooth edges & a curved backrest. This however needs to be contrasted with Yang elements such as light wall colors, big windows, angular bedside tables etc.

In your living room, having angular couches and bright colors promotes the presence of Yang. As with everything else, this needs to be contrasted by darker colors to bring in the element of Yin.

NOTE: Most things come with a contrast of Yin & Yang straight of the shelf. Furniture is the best example of this as it consists of hard wood or metal that is contrasted with soft cushions with light or dark shades.

Now that you know the basic principals of Yin & Yang in Feng Shui, you can proceed to optimize your home & office space to help you lead a healthier & more productive life! So, what steps would you take to improve the balance of Yin & Yang in your home? Let us know in the comments below!


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