How to Make Wedding Decorations at Home

wedding room decoration

Marriages are said to be the most important and glittery days in everyone’s life. Celebrating the essence of love, life-long commitment, and union of two souls, this moment needs to be made special for the couple. Right from designing the invitation cards, shopping, catering, decorations & guest list, everything needs to be planned precisely.

Below are some of the interesting & show-stopping wedding decoration ideas that add a finishing touch to the romantic and fairy-tale wedding.

● Select the theme, accessories, and embellishments

You can now make an amazing, royal, and funky wedding decoration that fits your budget needs. With minimalistic wedding decoration items, you can create the most dreamy and romantic for the newly wedded ‘Lovebirds’. Pompoms, buntings, pinwheels, etc, contemporize the look. The temple bells, Urlis, hanging light holders, and other wedding decoration items which are available at give a traditional appeal to the decoration.

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● Ornate the entrance with Rangoli and floral decorations

Paired with beautiful Diyas, you can draw lovely rangolis for a dramatic effect with their charming colors. Find the best of Diyas and other decoration items at MyPoojaBox that you can get at affordable prices. With no typical mandaps, all you can go for are the garlands mandaps made of aromatic flowers like marigold, Nishgandha, etc. These floral decorations highlighting the entrance doubles the joy of the celebration.

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● Lights, lights and lights

No wedding is complete without lighting and bulbs which radiate every corner of the ambiance. Select your favorite theme of lightning accompanied by mason jars, and bottles. Dress-up the trees, the frame of the entrance, or your backyard with the twinkling fairy lights, strings, or hanging votives. With such set-ups, you can add a touch of serenity and richness to the picturesque vistas.

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With the countless number of ideas that make wedding decorations at home super cool, and super easy, here are a few first-night room decoration ideas for you. Invest your time in transforming the simple room into an extremely gorgeous wedding room. Choose the best of the wedding room decoration ideas from the below ideas and make this big day memorable for the “Love Birds”.

1. Light-up the magic with aromatic scented candles

Decorating the wedding room with scented candles can never go wrong. From romantic dinners to weekend parties, these candles create a calming atmosphere and make the first-night room decoration much lovey-dovey. Combine the beauty of the handmade scented candles in the gorgeous water-filled Urlis to create a dreamy atmosphere. The fragrance of the sensual candles uplifts the romance between the newly wedded couple.

Explore the widest range of scented candles that are made-up to last long your romance. Turn on the intimacy with Umaiza Decorative T-light Stand, Peppy Glass Jar Candle (Set of 4), Multi Colored Scented Gel Candle, Rosy Pink Scented Pillar Candle Set of 4, and much more available at MyPoojaBox.

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2. Set the mood with classic roses, fabric swans and florals

There is no more amazing way than to decorate the bed of the wedding room with fresh red rose petals. Symbolizing love and romance, roses are said to relax and naturally calm the newly wedded couple after a day-long event. The gentle fragrance of the roses is seductive in nature and helps to calm the mood. Complete the wedding night room decoration with the hearts of rose petals, and lovely pair of kissing swans made of the towel. As roses and swans stand for love, such adorable decoration is sure to build the mental intimacy of the couple.

You can also decorate the headboard or the surroundings of the bed with bouquets for a romantic aura. To avoid overdo of the flower decorations on the bed, you can style a mesmerizing pathway of roses to the bed paired with the enticing Led T-lights Set by MyPoojaBox. The warm glow of these lights avoids wax-spillage or accidents, has a great battery backup, is durable and lightweight.

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3. Bloom the romance with heart-shaped balloon and letters

To make the first wedding night much more vibrant, romantic, and colorful, all you can do is fill the room with heart-shaped balloons colored in pink, red, white, or any color of your choice. Hang them with tape or fill them with helium to create a floating effect. To make it more stylish you can go for personalized gold letters and customize captions like ‘I LOVE YOU’, ‘LOVE’, or anything that would add a touch of intimacy, or fantasy to the togetherness of the couple.

With beautiful decoration ideas, affordable items, and your bunch of siblings or friends you can now make the couple feel special, romantic, and pampered on their first wedding night. The above interesting wedding night room decoration ideas will leave the couple in surprise, happy and feel absolutely comfortable.

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