15 Unique Navratri Gifts For Friends and Family

unique navratri gift ideas

With the auspicious festival of Navratri coming around the corner, one thing we all can expect is Navratri Gifts. This festival allows us to get close to our loved ones, and invite them to collect blessings and celebrate. Let us take a look at some unique gifts you can give to your family and friends during this auspicious period.

1. Decorative Coloured Diya

Available in a variety of colors, this beautiful brass piece makes for a great Navratri Pooja Samagri where you can place your diya’s and illuminate light all around you.

Decorative Coloured Diya

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2. 8x10 Inch Puja Aasan

Made of high-quality velvet this mat/aasan is made to place and keep your precious idols. Available in various bright colors.

3. Textured Leafy T-light Holder Showpiece

This Navratri gift your loved ones an accessory that adds a touch of the rich gold leaf with candle placing area on top. The detailing makes it beautiful to be kept as a showpiece too.

Textured Leafy T-light Holder Showpiece

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4. Bodhi Prayer Leaf (Set Of 2)

Adding a spiritual touch to your home, this leaf set is made out of copper and perfect for anyone looking to create a traditional setting. The finish is that of a clear coat which makes it stand out.

5. Traditional OM Layered LED Deep Thali

A three-layered LED thali complimenting the OM embellishment at the top makes up for the perfect pooja accessory where the light never dies.

Traditional OM Layered LED Deep Thali

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6. Traditional Chandbali Hanging T-light Holder Small

A beautiful molded piece that is moon-shaped and holds a small t-light candle. Perfect for hanging anywhere around the house, this ornament comes in 2 sizes.

7. Dazzling Handcrafted Brass Container/Jar for Pooja

An item of utmost sophistication, this container can be kept either during the ceremony or as a home accessory. Furnished with a Midas touch, this ornament is a perfect box for your loved ones or friends.

Dazzling Handcrafted Brass Container/Jar for Pooja

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8. Jali Work LED Light Hanging

Intricate details with ghungroo hanging from the rear allow light to be spread in a magical manner illuminating any part of your home.

9. Traditional Cutwork LED Light Hanging

Creating a soothing ambiance, magnify the charm of the Vastu. Wooden carving on the sides makes it extremely durable and a great gifting accessory.

Traditional Cutwork LED Light Hanging

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10. Artisanal Wall Decor T-light Holder

Aesthetically designed, this home décor makes up for a great gift allowing a warm aura to take over the house. Suitable for Pooja room, home or office decoration this elegant piece is a treat for the eyes.

11. Divinity Pooja Thali Set - Rose Gold

A perfect accessory to enhance the look of the prayer area. This Thali set invokes a rich look making it very inviting. Comes with one Large Thali and three bowls which make it perfect for the offering to the deity.

Divinity Pooja Thali Set - Rose Gold

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12. Decorative Scallop Golden Urli

A 2-in-1 accessory that not only makes for a grand furnishing item but makes up for a great gifting item too. One can put it either at the entrance of the house, the terrace or the living room.

13. Amai Peacock Wall Decor T-light Holder

Excellent craftsmanship complimented with trinket bells and colorful threads, this T-Light holder is your perfect gift to give. Shaped like a peacock’s spread out feathers, it can add a magnifying touch to anyone’s home.

Amai Peacock Wall Decor T-light Holder

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14. 24K Gold Foil Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati Pooja Box

Perfect for your family as this gold-wrapped wooden gift box highlights all holy symbols and imagery making it an apt item for Navratri Pooja Samagri.

15. My Laxmi-Ganesh Pooja Box

Blessing the perfect harmony of any occasion this pooja box makes up for a great Navratri gift. This pooja kit comes with 28 items so worshipping at home has never been easier.


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So, if you have any gifting to do, you can surely pick out any of the items mentioned above from My Pooja Box. Depending on your budget, there is something unique available for everyone, for any purpose, be it for gifting or decoration.

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