15 Out-Of-The Box Gift Idea’s For Corporate Diwali

Gift Idea’s For Corporate Diwali

Diwali is a festival that is made special with blessings and ceremonies spent with togetherness. During this festival, Corporate Diwali gifts for employees are perfect to light up their mood.

1. Handcrafted Trikona T-light Holder

A beautifully intricate triangular design is held on by a set of 3 diyas. Coated with a gold finish and made of sturdy iron, this ornament is perfect for placement at home.

Handcrafted Trikona T-light Holder

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2. Handcrafted 3-Chandramala T-light Holder

A set of 3 hanging chandramala holders, this beautiful matt finish ornament has an impressive floral cut out the background, which illuminates a warm sense of belonging and makes one look upon the three moons shining. The tassel makes for a utility and décor purpose.

Handcrafted 3-Chandramala T-light Holder

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3. Enchanting Deepavali Traditional T-Light Lamp

Intricate engravings and antique look give it a unique flair and the traditional base adds an enchanting feel to it. The beauty is the t-light holders that flares the entire thing up making it as one of the bestsellers corporate Diwali gifts for employees.

Enchanting Deepavali Traditional T-Light Lamp

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4. Traditional Chandbali Hanging T-light Holder Small

A beautiful molded piece that is moon-shaped and holds a small t-light candle. Perfect for hanging anywhere around the house, this is a gift employees will surely take home as the perfect decoration for this happy festival.

5. Exquisite Noor Tealight Holder (Set of 2)

Handcrafted by skilled artisans this t-light holder truly defines as a wonderful gifting item. Apart from brightening up the décor, this pair has its own Midas touch making it one of a kind.

Exquisite Noor Tealight Holder

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6. Festive Floral 3 Diya Pearl Studded Thali

A warm gift that is excelling for inviting good and positive vibes. The colourful flowers make the beauty two-fold and the pearls around add a rich look and feel to it.

Festive Floral 3 Diya Pearl Studded Thali

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7. Crystal Studded Brass Diya

This ornament is great to add to your home décor. It is perfect to be placed within the puja area and adds a divine beauty to the in and around materials. Shaped like a lantern, it’s elegance is most suited in your living room since it shall shock and awe.

Crystal Studded Brass Diya

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8. Dazzling Diamond Studded Laxmi Ganesh On Lotus

A vibrant addition to the puja ceremony, this is a must-have addition for all the employees. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity with wisdom.

Dazzling Diamond Studded Laxmi Ganesh On Lotus

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14. My Diwali Box (Premium)

Handcrafted exclusively for Diwali Puja, this Diwali gift box is you making sure that the employees celebrate this festival right. A set of 30 items that covers everything and leaves no stone unturned.

My Diwali Box (Premium)

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9. Beautiful Laxmi Ganesh on Lotus Brass Idol For Decor

Handcrafted from Brass material, the excellent artwork makes it something worth giving.

Beautiful Laxmi Ganesh on Lotus Brass Idol For Decor

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10. Diamond-Studded Laxmi Ganesh Murti with Swastik

A Laxmi Ganesh must-have idol. Decorated with white stones and matched with a colourful vibe, the main attraction is the detailed cut out which makes it look one step above the rest.

Diamond-Studded Laxmi Ganesh Murti with Swastik

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11. Laxmi Ganesh Parad Idol

A simple yet sophisticated idol pair, this gift is spectacular in its way since its silver colour shows prosperity and happiness and this allows it to be placed anywhere in the house.

Laxmi Ganesh Parad Idol

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12. Laxmi Goddess Embossed Bar

A silver bar having Goddess Laxmi beautifully engraved on it. A thoughtful gift if you want to promote wealth and prosperity.

Laxmi Goddess Embossed Bar

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13. My Diwali Box (Grand)

A Diwali Gift Box encompassing 30 holy auspicious items that make your employees truly grateful for everything they do for the company.

My Diwali Box

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15. Bodhi Prayer Leaf (Set Of 2)

This leaf set is made of copper with a silver finish that makes it a great accessory during puja ceremonies. It can also be fashioned as home décor.

If you are looking to find something different, yet perfect for your employees then these gifts are for you. All handcrafted especially to make sure that this Diwali, it is not just the festival that they celebrate, but their work too.

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