15 Handpicked Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees Under 2000

Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas Under 2000

The role of employees in any company truly matters a lot to the employer, as the former serves a great part in the success and growth of the business. So, as a token of appreciation for their level of dedication towards the work, let us surprise them with 15 Handpicked Corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees under 2000. 

1. Blossom Elegant Golden Urli

Crafted in different sizes, this Urli featuring hand-hammered patterns, when filled with water and paired with fresh flowers, and scented floating candles, add a sense of serenity to your abode.

Blossom Elegant Golden Urli

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2. Traditional Brass Tea Strainer

Here is another amazing idea you can have a look at to gift your employees. Available with a strainer, this item made from brass makes your every cup of morning tea delightful.

3. Amara Golden Decoration

Candles and the auspicious Diwali festival share a beautiful relationship, and so do the employer and the employees. And to treasure this relationship of respect here is a decorative piece of décor. This product is available in different sizes.

4. Endearing Laxmi Ganesh Idol

Lord Ganesh is the ‘Remover of Obstacles’, and Goddess Laxmi is the symbol of prosperity, happiness, joy, and positivity. So, there can be no other ideal option to gift your employees this Diwali.

Endearing Laxmi Ganesh Idol

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5. 6.5” Starry Eco Friendly Panch Jyot Diya

No Diwali celebration is complete without the traditional Panch Jyot Diyas that we have been making use of to decorate and delight our houses. Made from clay, this eco-friendly product also ensures zero spillage of oil.

6. Rose Quartz Rose Crystal Aromatherapy Candles (Set of 4)

When Diwali vibes are in the air, why not spruce it a little with energizing aromatherapy? Made from 100% natural wax, organic herbs, dried flowers, and topped-up with Rose Quartz crystals, this candle, when lit, spreads love and happiness in the air.

7. Decorative Lotus Diya Colored Base

Looking for a cute Corporate Diwali gift item?? Well, this Lotus Diya available at our store brings you lovely pink, red, brown indigo, black, blue, mustard, green, yellow, and maroon-colored bases.

8. Cyra Blooming Tlight

Made up of a beautiful blooming tree, this T-light offering you to incorporate a number of candles is a great treat for the eyes when lit on a lovely Diwali evening.

Cyra Blooming Tlight

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9. Noora T-light Set of 2

Structured on a piece of wood, this T-light holder made from iron with a rustic appeal when lit with a candle brings out the actual beauty and casts its soft glow in the atmosphere.

10. Auspicious Golden Laxmi Ganesh Murti On Lotus

Beautifully seated on the Lotus, this Laxmi Ganesh idol displaying a great work of art is one of the best corporate gifts for employees. Come, let's spread happiness, and positivity this Diwali season.

11. 7 Piece Brass Pooja Thali

Handcrafted with love from a piece of brass, this Pooja Thali adds completeness to every Hindu ritual, ceremony, or poojas. This mirror-finished engraved Thali incorporates a Diya, spoon, glass, bell, bowl, and an incense stick holder.

7 Piece Brass Pooja Thali Set

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12. Lustrous Golden Planter

Dusted with matte gold, this metallic planter is quite a handy product that is enough to elevate the simplicity of the abode in every single manner. Place your order today!!

13. Handcrafted Brass Peacock Diya

Reflecting our true culture and heritage, this peacock Diya crafted in brass is extremely auspicious. This Diya available under 2000 comes in a single, double, and triple layer. Select the one you love the most.

14. Antique Dania Home Décor T-light Holder

Exclusively crafted to tiny bloomed flowers, this T-light holder transformed into a lovely sphere when placed with a lit candle inside radiates a stunning design and pattern on your lovely painted walls.

Antique Dania Home Décor T-light Holder

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15. Nikhat Aroma Diffuser

This is one of the most appealing and exquisite Corporate gifts for employees this Diwali. Blending an arresting aroma in the atmosphere, this product shadows the designs, thereby creating a magic.

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