10 Classic Diwali Gift Ideas That Would Never Go Out Of Style


Diwali is a festival of light and this is celebrated in a rather lavish way. With so many ideas to brighten one’s home, below are those online Diwali gifts which never have and never will never go out of style.

1. Traditional Chandbali Hanging T-light Holder Large

A beautiful moulded piece that is moon-shaped and holds a T-light candle. Its chandbali style gives it a traditional flair perfect to jazz up any space. As it is created from metal, it’s sturdy and worth your money. Perfect for hanging anywhere around the house, this is a perfect gifting ornament during this festival.

Traditional Chandbali Hanging T-light Holder Large

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2. Crystal Studded Brass Diya

This ornament is great to add to your home décor. It is perfect to be placed within the puja area and adds a divine beauty to the in and around materials. Shaped like a lantern, it’s elegance is most suited in your living room since it shall shock and awe.

Crystal Studded Brass Diya

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3. Diamond-Studded Laxmi Ganesh Murti with Swastik

It’s been crafted on metal with figurines of Laxmi Ganesh carved onto it. Decorated with white stones and matched with a colourful vibe, the main attraction is the detailed cut out which makes it look one step above the rest.

Diamond-Studded Laxmi Ganesh Murti with Swastik

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4. My Diwali Box (Grand)

A Diwali Gift Box encompassing 30 holy auspicious items that make the receiver feel truly grand. Filled with pooja thali, samagri, candles, diyas, and more, this box ensures you find all items in one place.

My Diwali Box

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5. Decorative Lotus Diya Coloured Base

Made using brass, this beautiful piece depicts a lotus & a diya holder placed on top of a beautiful base that allows you to select whatever color you wish to have. It's a piece that is sure to add a royal touch to the interiors of your home. This beautiful ornament makes for a great Diwali gift where you can place your diyas and illuminate light all around you.

Decorative Lotus Diya Coloured Base

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6. Dazzling Handcrafted Brass Container/Jar for Pooja

An item of utmost sophistication, this container can be kept either during the Diwali puja ceremony or as a home accessory. Furnished with a Midas touch, this ornament is a perfect box for your loved ones or friends. Storing pooja items such as nuts, rosary, offerings, etc is now easier with this dazzling container. The beautiful floral lid makes it even more exquisite.

Dazzling Handcrafted Brass Container/Jar for Pooja

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7. My Diwali Box (Premium)

Handcrafted exclusively for Diwali Puja, this Diwali gift box is you making sure that the puja is done right. A set of 30 items such as firecrackers, the row of earthen lamps, candles, and rangoli all add to its essence and covers everything leaving no stone unturned.

8. Divinity Pooja Thali Set - Rose Gold

The rich look of Copper is auspicious and helps to invoke your most revered deity and works as a perfect accessory to enhance the look of the prayer area. This Thali set invokes a rich look making it very inviting. Comes with one Large Thali and three bowls which make it perfect for the offering to the deity.

Divinity Pooja Thali Set - Rose Gold

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9. 24K Gold Foil Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati Pooja Box

Perfect for your family as this 24KT gold-wrapped wooden gift box highlights all holy symbols and imagery making it an apt item for inviting gods to your home. It even comes with a gold foil-wrapped "Shubh Labh" message that will bless your home and protect it from all evil.

24K Gold Foil Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati Pooja Box

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10. 8x10 Inch Puja Aasan

Made of high-quality velvet this mat/aasan is made to place and keep your precious idols. Available in various bright colors.

8x10 Inch Puja Aasan

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Diwali offers so much more than just and one thing it gives you a chance to do to gift your loved one’s something special so why wait? Online Diwali gifts bring to you the classic items to bless your friends and families home, with a bit of uniqueness and bring some positivity around. Some gifts just never go out of style..!

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