Top 10 Diwali Decoration 2023 Ideas for your Home

Top 10 Diwali Decoration 2023 Ideas for your Home

Is just the mention of Diwali house decoration giving you chills? Are you pulling out your hair in despair when it comes to giving your house a festive look? Hey, sweet ladies and buds, don’t be sad. 

Come Diwali and we are bombarded with pretty lights, lamps, lanterns, and rangoli. But we feel helpless as for how to kick off Diwali decoration! We all want to give our abode a personal touch, however, in turn, we often go nuts about where to put that particular diya, where to hang those torans, how to light the patio, blah, blah, blah.

God, thousands of thoughts appear in a minute! Well, that’s why we are here with best Diwali decoration ideas 2023!

Giving your house a much-needed facelift is just a few scrolls away! We have scoured easy, inexpensive and best ideas to deck up your house this season. Let’s take a look-

Spruce up with Diya Decoration

Diya decoration

Diyas or earthen/clay lamps are the best decorative items. They signify the essence of the celebration. Simple or elaborate, clay lamps add to the beauty of the house on the night of Diwali. You can even make your own diyas using flour or soil!

Or else, you may turn a simple diya into a decorative piece using paints, glitters, and pearls. The simple rule of diya decoration is to fill them with oil, add a cotton wick, lit and place it around your staircase, doors, and rooftop. Place them in a row or in a circle or any shape you like, and they will end up illuminating your place and augmenting its beauty!

Show Creativity with Candles

diwali candle decoration


Amid varieties of Diwali decorative items, the one that has got everyone’s attention in recent years is a candle. The best thing is that you can let the horses of your wild imaginations loose and use these wax items to illuminate your space the way you like!

But let us tell you about the different variety these candles come in-

  • Tea-light candles
  • Flower candles
  • Designer candles
  • Scented candles
  • Gel candles
  • Cylinder or pillar candles
  • Glitter candles and more

Deck up your entrance with a big pot filled with water, rose petals, marigold petals, and floating candles.

Give your living space a mood lifting touch by lighting scented candles. Decorate a candle holder with pillar candles and set in the empty corner of your home to jazz up the whole environ. Invest in some good quality Diwali candles and let your interiors speak volumes about your personality!

Rev up with Rangoli

Diwali Rangoli

Image Source-Wikipedia

No Diwali decoration ideas are complete without rangoli. The ancient custom to deck up the home with colours never goes out of trend. Make beautiful rangolis using different colours at the front gate or your house, in the pooja ghar or on the patio. Ask your younger ones to create different shapes and fill it with colours.

If that seems a bit challenging for you, don’ worry. There are various tools to make rangoli. Even you can buy ready-made rangoli to spruce up your house on Diwali!

Make your own Paper Cup Chain Lights

Paper Cup Fairy Lights

Decorating your house on a budget on Diwali is feasible. How? Well, you might have paper cups in your home. Collect ‘em all. Take a long string light. Make a hole in the center of each paper cup right at the bottom and insert across the bulb of the string light.

Take things a bit further by coloring each cup in a different shade. You can use sparkles and glitters as well.

Hang it down the door or rev up the entrance, it will electrify the whole surroundings!

Smarten up with Paper Lanterns

paper lantern

Say no to Chinese products and create your own desi paper lamps to smarten up your home’s decor. There are several tutorials on YouTube to make paper lanterns for Diwali. All you need is colourful paper, scissor, gum, and thread.

Ask your kids to help you out. They would surely enjoy this DIY project. Those running short or time can buy Diwali decoration items like paper lantern online.

Augment Auspiciousness with Laxmi Ganesha Idols

laxmi ganesh murti

Diwali without adulating Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha is incomplete. The whole essence of this festival of lights revolves around these spiritual figures. Bring home brass, copper, marble or even clay figurines to brighten up the aura of your home.

From small statues to big, there are different sizes and varieties to pick from.

Bedeck with Diwali Flower Decoration

Diwali Flower Decoration

Let’s admit it, flowers make one of the best Diwali decoration ideas. They aren’t only budget-friendly but natural and aromatic that can uplift the mood of your house instantly! Place them in a vase or hang down the doors and windows in chains, they are sure to beautify your living space!

Even going creative with pooja room will augment the essence of auspiciousness! Flowers that you should be buying for Diwali decoration include roses, marigolds, and lotus.

Recycle Plastic Bottles to Create Artificial Flowers

Plastic Bottle Diwali Flower

Image source-The Better India

How about celebrating an Eco-friendly Diwali? Plastic wastes are spoiling our environment badly. You might have several plastic bottles in your home for sure. Recycle these into beautiful flowers. How? Follow below guide.

  • Empty and wash the bottles beforehand.
  • Cut them in half.
  • Create several long strips of the top half.
  • Twist a bit to let it hold a floral shape.
  • Use glitters to make the petal.
  • Place a tea-light candle in the center and you’re done!

WOW your Walls

Diwali Wall Hanging

Our Diwali decoration ideas also include something special for you empty walls. While everything has been spruced up and your walls are empty, that’s not good. Let the wall shout out loud the essence of Diwali with creative wall hangings.

Create a poster out of cardboard or buy budget-friendly wall hangings. Spiritual, natural, abstract, there are various themes that these wall hangings can be found in!

Add colourful cushion covers

Diwali Cushion

Image source-Elan

Adding vibrant cushion covers also makes one of the best Diwali decortication ideas around. Simply buy those vibrant shades such as yellow, red, blue, orange, green all symbolizing auspiciousness and, the mood of your home is changed!

So, hop onto all the above Diwali decorations and ideas to let your house ooze with festive spirit! Meanwhile, if you have any other idea in mind, don’t feel shy to share with us!

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