Diwali Celebration 2023: An Extensive Guide To The Festival Of Lights

Diwali Celebration 2023: An Extensive Guide To The Festival Of Lights

The festival of lights aka Diwali is celebrated with much gusto and enthusiasm worldwide. Gifting is a huge part of the Diwali tradition and is taken very seriously. Decorating one’s home with puja decorations also plays a massive role in how the festival is celebrated.

Diwali is a contraction of the word ‘deepavali’. It means a row of diyas. The festival is important for Indians mostly because the festival stands for triumph against evil. Diwali stands for the triumph of the forces of light over darkness. This is why on Diwali people light up their homes with beautiful light decorations and makes good use of brass and copper items to create bright reflective surfaces.

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Here is a guide that looks into preparing for the festival of lights;-

Decorating your house with Diwali decorations:

Before you can go about celebrating Diwali with your loved ones, you will first need to start at your home. Diwali is also known as the festival of lights, this also means you will have to decorate your homes with light fixtures and diyas of all sorts. Here are some ideas to get you started on decorating your beautiful home for the upcoming Diwali celebrations!

1. If you have little ones at home, you would want to steer clear of any fire hazards. But what is the festival of lights without a few diyas, right? Well, instead of the traditional clay diyas, you can opt for battery-operated LED diyas from My Pooja Box. This beautiful diyas will flicker like the real deal while being safe from obvious fire hazards!

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2. You can also snatch yourself a Diwali gift pack set from My pooja box to get diya holders and covered tea lights at a discount!

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3. Diya stands allow for diyas to be placed at different heights thus giving variations to the standard diya lineup.

Decorative Brass Lotus Diya Stand

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4. Traditionally orange or yellow flowered garlands are hung around doorframes and staircases as Diwali decoration items. You can switch up the variations by playing around with white or other light-coloured garlands too!

 Floral Garland

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Gifting your relatives Diwali gift hampers:

During the festival of lights, families all across the globe put aside their differences and come together to celebrate this festival. Usually, Diwali gift packs for relatives will be different from Diwali gift packs for friends. Traditionally, people will gift relatives with natural dried fruits and nuts. It is also customary to gift chocolates or ornamental diyas.

Here is an amazing Diwali gift hamper idea from My Pooja Box for your next Diwali-

The Dazzling Aiyla Dryfruit Gifting Box contains exotic dried fruits and nuts all packed and ready to be gifted. The pack contains raisins, almonds, and pistachios, all elegantly packed in beautiful packets. It also comes with a beautiful gifting box, making the Dazzling Aiyla Dryfruit Gifting Box the perfect option for gifting for your relatives.

Creating Diwali gifts for friends:

As we mentioned, gifting for friends and relatives will be a little different. You can be a little unique and quirky with your gifting choice for your friends. Diwali gifts for friends can include Diwali decoration items and maybe even incense sticks or gulaals. Diwali gifts for friends can be the Delightful Diwali Pooja Box from My Pooja Box. this Diwali gift hamper includes a range of items that might help your friend kickstart their Diwali!

The gift set includes incense sticks and puja thalis. The Diwali gift hamper also includes kapur, t-lights, and om wall stickers to help bring light into their homes. There is also an aarti book that goes through the puja procedure.

My Pooja Box has a range of other gift boxes that will suit all of your Diwali gift hampers needs. Just visit mypoojabox.in to get started on your Diwali decoration and gifting journey.

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