5 Easy & Interesting DIY Christmas Home Décor Ideas

Christmas Home Décor Ideas

Christmas is on its way and all you can witness is a great level of excitement among the people, hustle and bustle all around, and the beautiful red-green lights twinkling like stars. Unwrap some of the interesting, and lovely Christmas decorations ideas that are perfect ideas to adorn your home. So grab a pair of scissors, & craft supplies and have a look at these 5 Easy & Interesting DIY Christmas Home Décor Ideas.

1. DIY Candles

Diy candles are one of the coolest Christmas Tree Decoration Items you can make and show off the creative YOU to your friends & family. The fun fact about making candles is that you can blend any color or essential oil of your choice, and yes, indeed the output would be just amazing. All you need is Soy wax, wicks, glue, essential oils, popsicle sticks, old mugs, or mason jars of your choice. Colorful ribbons, glitter, laces, tapes, jute twine, or just paint can be used to decorate the outer part of the jars. To start with DIY candles, follow the below instructions.

  • Firstly, you need to melt the wax with a ‘double boiling’ process. Boil a small amount of water in a saucepan and place the vessel containing wax on the boiled water.
  • Add the essential oils to this melted wax. Just before you pour the wax into the containers, add a drop of glue or melted wax at the bottom to make the wick hold itself in place.
  • Once hardened, pour in the scented liquid wax carefully and hold the wick with two popsicles till the mixture hardens. Once done, trim off the excess end of the wax.
2. Upcycle your sweaters

A beautiful Christmas tree comes with gorgeous Christmas tree ornaments, and stockings are one of those pretty Christmas Tree Decoration Items that you can now make at home. Find that one sweater that no more fits you. Draw the outline of the stockings with the help of a cut-out or you can even make a freehand drawing.

Once done, cut the piece and make sure that the fabric is aligned which makes stitching easy. To make the stockings look much more appealing, you can also use some shades of grey, red, or any color you like. Stitch the ends, turn the sweater stocking inside out and decorate them with tassels, braided cords, ribbon, pompoms, etc, and yes your DIY Sweater Stocking is ready to hide the gift.

3. Let’s go organic for Wreath

Elevate your entrance with the several other Christmas Tree Ornaments that are readily available at your house. Making a Wreath is a simple process. Collect Willow branches, Grapevines, or even Dogwood bushes that work well in getting the perfect round shape for your wrath.

Make sure that the weaving of these branches is tight and has a crisscross effect. Now comes the fun part. To decorate the woven wrath you can use a variety of succulent, eucalyptus, wildflowers, and lavender. Also add on a few pinecones, shells, roses, etc, and a satin ribbon to tie them all.

4. Handmade Snowflakes

The best way to make your snowflakes appeal real and effectively, you can use the popsicles to which you can paint to add a touch of richness to the festival. Let the snowflakes be light in weight but sturdy to handle. All you need to prepare beautiful snowflakes are popsicle sticks, glue, spray paint, and twine to tie them to the Christmas tree.

To create a snowy and cozy ambiance, you need to paint the sticks, then decorate them with beads, craft foam balls, and glitter. Arrange them one by one in the form of a snowflake and simultaneously glue them. Finally, with the help of glue, attach the twine and leave them to dry. Your handmade snowflake is ready to shine.

5. Ornamental Garland

Still not finding classy Christmas decorations ideas to make the garland outstanding?? How about ornamental garland? Well, here is a much easy DIY ornamental garland you can make within no time. To start with, measure the end-to-end length of the ribbon with a little gap to tie the strands. Thread the colorful ornaments into the ribbon, allowing them to stack on each other.

Once done, tie both the strands to make it a loop, which makes the garland set for decorating your home.  Not always do you have to ornate every corner & wall of your house with something jazzy. Even the simplest items prepared by you at home can create a festive look with a personal touch.

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