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They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year… Now that, is quite a debatable topic. But what definitely isn’t, is the fact that Christmas time, is one of the most magical periods of the year. This magic is a byproduct of both religious and secular celebratory beliefs that emphasize home decor and the traditional practices that follow.

Christmas tree decorations and other Christmas home decor items are almost solely the root cause of the sheer magic in the air brought on by Christmas season. Knowing the magic of Christmas Day itself, we at My Pooja Box have created an exquisite selection of Christmas trees, Santa Claus with Christmas Tree and Gifts, Christmas wall decor & off course a wide array of Christmas tree ornaments for our customers to buy online. Our Christmas tree decoration items come in many shapes, sizes and even colors, other than the usual red and green.

We offer a wide array of options for our customers to buy artificial Christmas trees online. These trees have been created to exactly resemble an authentic Christmas tree but with the added benefit of increased usability by way of the design structures allowing easy installation of Christmas tree ornaments. Our selection of artificial Christmas trees come in 3 different sizes to suit the need of your personal space. This allows you, as a customer, to find the perfect match for your home in your one-stop shop for Christmas home decor.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Now ofcourse, the Christmas tree is the first step in Christmas decor. The real fun in decorating begins with the addition of beautiful Christmas ornaments that really bring life & light into your home. From authentic Christmas wreaths to multi colored Christmas tree baubles, we put up a collection of both extravagant and subtle decor items. The collection of Christmas wall decor, tree decor and general home decor has been selected to ensure you, our customer, can set up your homes Christmas decorations to your exact vision. Be it a subtle look with a small tree and traditional wreaths and ornaments or an extravagant finish with multi colored baubles, bells, wreaths and more to go with a relatively large Christmas tree that itself, makes quite a statement. If you so desire, you could go a step further and throw on some LED tree lights to really bling things up! These lights will ofcourse come with your Christmas tree.

Christmas Wall Decor

As stated above, it’s not just Christmas tree decoration items that we have to offer. Our product line extends onto Christmas wall decor as well, which is another crucial aspect in decorating your home for the big day! No matter how fancy your Christmas tree looks, it won’t matter if it looks out of place. For it to look good, it has be set in an environment that screams “It’s Christmas!!!”. To prevent your Christmas Tree from a lonely holiday season, we offer multiple Christmas decoration items for wall decor. These too, come in multiple shapes, sizes, colors and of course design. From unique sparkling decorative flowers all the way to flamboyant reindeer bell ornaments in shiny gold, these products are the ultimate Christmas wall hangings for all your decor requirements. You can even find the classic “Santa Hat” that is another Christmas tradition that can’t be ignored. These Santa Hats are perfect for keeping your little ones entertained and can be used either as wall hangings, xmas tree decorations or as a prop for your santa outfit!

Next in line for all your Christmas hype is our collection of vibrantly styled scented and standard candles that are in sync with the Christmas tradition. They are perfect not only for home decor but also for gifting during the festive season! Again, we offer you, our customers, a huge amount options in terms of shape, size and design of these Christmas candles. From scented to sparkling to multi-colored gel candles, our line up offers enough variety for all kinds of Christmas requirements. It doesn’t just start and finish at candles, we even offer exquisitely styled lanterns for you to add to your home’s garden or exterior space. These lanterns are sure to make the outside of your home, look just as magical as the inside. Even our lanterns have the option of flair or subtle beauty as we like to leave our customers to decide how much flair their home needs.

So go on, browse away and find your perfect fit for Christmas!

Christmas Decorations Items Prices & Offers:

Date Christmas Decorations Items Prices & offers
25-Dec-2020 Christmas Tree Decoration Items Upto 10% off
25-Dec-2020 Santa Claus with Christmas Tree and Gifts Starting From 500
25-Dec-2020 Artificial Christmas Tree Starting From 900
25-Dec-2020 Christmas Bells Starting From 300
25-Dec-2020 Christmas Tree Ornaments Starting From 50
25-Dec-2020 Christmas Wall Decor Starting From 800
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