10 Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Diwali decoration items

Dazzling up homes for the auspicious occasion of Diwali, one of the festivals celebrated around the globe with great pomp and show. On this day, the Goddess Laxmi roams the earth and blesses the luckiest one with wealth.

This festival is a harbinger of goodwill, abundance, and prosperity. One of the most awaited celebrations takes place on this occasion. Decorations are breathtaking in Indian homes with lights, diyas, rangolis, and whatnot. If you are searching for out-of-the-box ideas to decorate your house, you’ve landed at the right place. These are some of the most exotic Diwali decor items designed laboriously by local artisans, and one look at them will leave you in a trance.

1. Designer Rangoli Diya Stand

Whether you wish to try an extraordinary and convenient way of rangoli or are an amateur, this designer rangoli Diya stand can be lit up with diyas and decorated with lovely flowers. It gives a beautiful visual appeal like the standard rangoli made by regulars.

 Rangoli Diya Stand

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2. Floating T-light candles

In a glassware or lotus urli, you can pour some rose petals into the water and finalize the decoration with floating t-light candles. And after lighting up the candles, it is quite a mesmerizing visual feast. 

3. Exotic marble Urli at the doorway

Apart from the lights outside your house, adding an exquisite Marble Urli will amplify the beauty of your entrance. This will be the cherry on the cake if your house is made of marble as it goes with the theme. Even otherwise, this alluring Marble urli will catch anyone’s eye because of the intricate details and ethereal looks.

Elegant Floral Marble Urli
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4. Antique Lanterns

How about giving your abode a semblance of the old-world charm with these vintage Antique Lanterns available in multiple colors with astonishing aesthetic design and details?

Mehnoor Hanging Lantern

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5. Stunning Laxmi Ganesha Idols for your home

We cannot imagine Diwali without a stunning pair of Laxmi Ganesha idols for our homes to place in our temples. My Pooja Box has a rich assortment of Laxmi Ganesha idols to establish in your homes and devotion rooms in silver, gold-plated, brass, and the like.

laxmi ganesh idol
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6. Hand Painted Ganesh Wall Hanging

Nothing attracts people more than an organic showpiece these days. How about placing the Hand-painted Ganesh Wall Hanging in your living room and feeling blessed by Lord Ganesha? Sounds good, right?

Hand painted Ganesh Wall Hanging
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7. Illuminate your space with Diyas

Every home is incomplete without a couple of diyas wiping out the darkness with the illumination of the divine on Diwali. Usually, people put diyas in every corner of the house.

Aesthetic Floral Urli With Diya

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8. Crystal Aromatherapy Candles

Impress everyone with crystal Aromatherapy Candles that not only look beautiful and perfumed candles that make you feel relaxed during the running around on Diwali due to errands. Add to the beauty of your home with the fragrant radiating diyas.

9. Tibetan Singing Musical Bowl

The Tibetan concept relieves stress, anxiety, and anger issues as you play it around. The best part is the Tibetan Singing Musical Bowl comes in different shades and looks enticing after decoration with flowers and t-lights.

Musical Bowl Green

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10. Rose Petals and Jasmine flower Decoration

Make a pretty rangoli design and cover it with beautiful and fragrant flowers. A taller urli or t-light holder can be lighted up in the center of the floral decoration. What an enchanting sight!

These were some of our handpicked choices for decorating your homes on Diwali 2023. Aren’t these fantastic enough to try out and flaunt your friends and extended family visiting you this year? They might come to your house thinking of surprising you, and you will give them a pleasant surprise. With these Diwali decor ideas, we assure you that the on-lookers, guests, and neighbors will be left mesmerized by the jaw-dropping decor items from My Pooja Box available online to shop and boast about.

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