Aroma Oil

Aroma Oil

Scent you home with Aromatic oils and Diffusers from My Pooja Box

Festivals are occasions of happiness, love, and togetherness of family, friends, and relatives. What makes these festivals even more exciting are the gifts ..! Gifts express love, appreciation, and gratitude towards your loved ones. If you want to buy gifts that are affordable, alluring, and special you should definitely explore the collection of My Pooja Box.

My Pooja Box is one of the best online gift stores offering a wide range of Rakhi gifts, birthday gifts, etc along with personal accessories, home decor items, and Pooja Samagri.

Here are some of the best items you can pick for your dear ones;

Fragrance Oil for Diffuser

Aromatic oil diffusers disperse essential oils into the air and fill the area with natural fragrance. The best use of Essential Aroma Oil is the ability to offer relaxation and an ambiance that is welcoming.

These oils are also used to boost your immune system and also work as humidifiers to help keep the airways moist and also allow you to breathe easily and stay less susceptible to germs. These can definitely be the best Diwali gifts you can pick.

There are different types of diffusers available;

Handcrafted Round Aroma Diffuser

The traditional patterns and structure can add to a classy and traditional look to your home decor. It also comes in two color options, for you to choose from and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor decor.

Ceramic Buddha Aroma Diffuser

Crafted from ceramic material in the shape of Buddha’s head, it comes in an off-white shade. This Buddha diffuser serves two purposes- first created a spiritual lighting accent and second diffusing the essential oil. You can pick essential oil of different fragrances such as rose, jasmine, etc.

Himalayan Pink Salt Aroma Diffuser

Himalayan Pink aroma diffuser can set a splendid mood for leisure at home and fill fragrance. It is packed with all the benefits of natural Himalayan Salt. It improves breathing problems and reduces allergies, fewer colds, and flu (due to less airborne viruses), increases relaxation and calmness and less stress, improves the ability to concentrate and work for longer periods, fewer headaches and migraines. And also reduces symptoms from disorders like rheumatism and arthritis.

Aria Brass Oil Diffuser

Boasting slight irregularities of traditional brass, this aroma diffuser made of brass boasts an antique feature. The spiral pattern with antique gold and the black color combination looks truly stunning.

We also offer a wide range of Essential Aroma Oils which include lavender, lemongrass, mogra, Raat ki rani, etc. We also offer Vaastu Essential Aroma Oil for evil eye removal, for positivity, solar plexus, and many other variants.

The fragrant oils come in bottles of 10ml and are highly affordable. Be it a house warming ceremony, anniversary or festivals like Diwali, the essential oil diffusers are perfect.

For more special gifts and aromatic oils and diffusers, visit our online store.

You can also order these gifts for your loved ones, directly to their address and we will deliver the items safely at their doorstep.

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