What are the benefits of wearing five Mukhi Rudraksha?

5 mukhi rudraksha benefits

Five Mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes the five Pandavas. It is said that anyone who wears 5 Mukhi Rudraksha with proper pooja ceremony along with proper puja Samagri like pooja thali, roli, and Akshat rice remains unaffected of negative energy around him. As you wear it after proper purification process, you will excel in all the fields, be it intelligence, strength, business, money, devotion for god, beauty, smell, touch, speech, love, and much more. This Panchmukhi Rudraksha benefits you by keeping you on the path of truth and boosting up your standard of living.

This Rudraksha provides you with all the positives vibes you need in your life with complete leisure and comfort zones. It is believed that five face Rudraksha benefits the wearers in such a way that their enemies must almost kneel in front of them. This Panchmukhi Rudraksha also symbolizes another form of Lord Shiva Rudra called Kaalagni.

5 Mukhi Rudraksha benefits with the main five elements, i.e. Agni (fire), Jal (water), Vaayu (air), Aakash (sky), Prithvi (earth) in your body is supposed to kill all diseases approaching you. 5 Mukhi Rudraksha wearing days are Monday and Thursday, as both are auspicious days.

Benefits of Wearing 5 Mukhi Rudraksha

   As per ancient Vedic scriptures, five face Rudraksha is said to benefit your blood pressure control.

•   Panchmukhi Rudraksha benefits you with good fortune in your life, academic excellence and a relaxing mind.

•  Five face Rudraksha also benefits you in improving your memory and concentration.

  If you have high aspirations for spirituality, better health, and harmony, 5 Mukhi Rudraksha will benefit you the best.

  Wearing 5 Mukhi rudraksha is advisable, if you are suffering from heart ailments, blood pressure, kidneys, liver, anxiety, obesity and much more.

   5 face Rudraksha also benefits in curing memory loss.

5 Mukhi Rudraksha Products - 

This auspicious Panchmukhi Rudraksha is easily available on My Pooja Box in various kinds of products like pendants and bracelets, etc. Find the list of 5 Mukhi Rudrakshas below:

1.  Natural Panchmukhi Rudraksha

This 5 face Rudraksha is said to have been blessed by Lord Shiva himself. It is believed that if you wear these seeds with full devotion and commitment, they can wash all your sins away from your life, thus giving you a clean fresh start.

natural 5 mukhi rudraksha benefits

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2.  Spiritual Trishul Five Faces Rudraksha Pendant

Do you wish to surround yourself with positive vibes and energy? This Trishul Rudraksha pendant is the one for you. The pendant comes with a 5 mukhi Rudraksha and Trishul trinket with a golden capping, enhancing its complete look. Wearing it on a daily basis can divine blessings for you. It can also be gifted to your loved ones as well.

3.  Panchmukhi Five-Face Rudraksha Band

5 face Rudraksha also stands for Pancheshwar symbolizing Lord Shiva. Panchmukhi Rudraksha is ruled by planet Jupiter. To improve your memory, this bracelet is best for you to wear on a regular basis. This Rudraksha also indicates Krodha (anger), Kama (lust), Ankhar (ego), Lobha (greed) and Moha (attachment). This bracelet will also excite all your chakras and balance them.

panchmukhi five face rudraksha band benefits

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4.  Dharma five faces Rudraksha Mala

Five mukhi Rudraksha malas are known to keep a count of your prayers in Hinduism. These five faces Rudraksha are made from Elaeocarpus ganitrus which is found in India in the Himalayas which is embedded in this mala.

5.  Natural 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala

5 Mukhi Rudraksha comes along with its mystical properties and is believed to bring good health and luck in your life. Wearing this mala would drive away negative energies and evil forces around you. If you are facing a financial crisis and wish to bring wealth and prosperity in your family, five Mukhi Rudraksha mala benefits you the best.

Natural 5 mukhi rudraksha mala benefits

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