What are the benefits of keeping a Feng Shui Tortoise in your home?

Feng Shui Three-tiered Tortoise

Nowadays, Feng Shui products are available in multiple different types, shapes and sizes. Every one of these different types of Feng Shui items carry with them, their own sets of benefits with do’s and don’ts. The Feng Shui Tortoise is one such product.

This tortoise in question is 1 of 4 celestial animals in the ancient beliefs of Feng Shui. The tortoise is considered to be a guardian and is supposed to be the bringer of longevity in one’s life. This Feng Shui tortoise serves a completely different function to the other celestial animals.

That being said, here are some of the rules you must follow to maintain the powers of Feng Shui.

1. Types of Feng Shui turtles – That’s right, even the Feng Shui tortoise itself has types. If money has been elusive in your life it is advised to purchase a tortoise with Feng Shui coins. If it’s courage and luck you are looking for then the Dragon Turtle would be the right choice for you as it’s said to instill bravery onto the weak.

Feng Shui turtles

2. Placement – Placing the Feng Shui tortoise near the head of your bed is said to increase its healing powers and has the potential to remove anxieties and is even said to help get rid of insomnia. Note: Keeping the tortoise in a kitchen or bathroom is considered to be bad Feng Shui and might even bring on negative results.

Feng Shui tortoise placement

3. Water – These tortoise Feng Shui items are best kept submerged in water with light depth. Adding some colored stones to this will create a stunning home décor item to look at but will also bring serenity, harmony, peace and a long life to live.

Feng Shui tortoise water
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4. Direction – All Feng Shui items are said to work best when placed in a certain direction. The same therefore applies for the tortoise as well. Incorrect placing can result in the Feng Shui product losing it’s power by having its energy weakened. Why haven’t I specified what direction its should be placed in? Well, it’s my next point and you will see why it wasn’t included here.

5. Materials – The materials used to create Feng Shui items for home are a crucial determinant of which direction should it be placed in at home.

• If made from metal – North/North West
• If made from Crystals – South West or North West
• If made from Earthen Materials – North East, Center or South West

So, if things haven’t been going your way and negativity is cornering you, maybe it’s time to try an alternative solution. Maybe, its time find Feng Shui products online and bring them home.

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