Karwa- chauth is that one time of the year where the festive vibes are at full swing. Lots of blessings from your elders, precious karwa chauth gifts from your lovey-dovey spouse while you decorate that special karwa chauth thali for your spouse and what not!

This day not only gets you lovely presents, but the excitement and the pain of course of choosing the best mehndi design too. An indispensable part of celebrating this special day is the endless assortment of mehndi designs. Today, innumerous patterns and designs are available for the brides of yesteryears as well as the new-age ones.

Karwa chauth mehndi designs are a conventional practice where no celebration is complete without properly dressing up, adorning your legs and hands with some beautiful mehndi designs.

Karwa chauth mehndi patterns and designs are only getting better with each passing day. From complete traditional designs to half-done arms and legs to intricate flower patterns, these designs are meant to make your days all the more special.

We thought we’ll share some design ideas with you:

1. Floral mehndi designs

floral mehndi design
Is there anything that flowers do not complement? Your hands and feet adorned with heena are no exception too. The best part is that these floral designs get befitted quite brilliantly with each and every pattern, whether it is multi-colored, bridal, glitter or anything else.

2. Karwa special design mehndi

Karwa special design mehndi
These mehndi designs capture the karwa chauth rituals ideally. The depictions in these patterns bring out the festival vitality, making it a perfect design for the karwa chauth mehndi. These designs portray a lot of creativity and high level of detailing.

3. Moroccan/ African design

Moroccan/ African design
Mehndi art from the Middle East is all the geometric designs such as squares, lines, dots etc. If you are planning to be creative this time and stay apart from the swirly designs, you can opt for this kind of mehndi design.

4. Bangle-style design

Bangle-style design
We all know how hard it is to carry bangles and it gets more uncomfortable when these are added with heavy sarees, lehngas or gowns. So here’s something: How about getting them tattooed on your arms with pure henna? Convenient combined with elegance and some extraordinary detailing. It’s yet another pretty addition to the patterns that will make your feet and hands look absolutely gorgeous.

5. Pakistani/ Indo- Arabic

Pakistani/ Indo- Arabic
We all love stuff that is from across the border. Same can be in the case of your mehndi design which is more on the lines of the blended patterns of indo- Arabic.
Conventional intricate Indian designs outlined with an Arabic touch! Sounds incredible right!

Since Karwa chauth is around the corner, it is high time to embellish your feet and hands in the enchanting swirls and curls of henna designs. Book a popular mehndi artist in your region or an local expert, to look your best on this special day.

Wow everyone around you with these exclusive design ideas!

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