Top 10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas on Budget

Top 10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas on Budget

Christmas is one of those memorable seasons that is never complete without our favorite Santa Claus with a Christmas tree and gifts. From funny Secret Santa gifts to quirky ones, you can pick any gift and amaze your colleagues, friends, and family this Christmas festive season.

One for your dearest friend, one for your family, one for the officemate, and such 11 one-of-a-kind Secret Santa gift ideas for all those loved ones in your life are available at MyPoojaBox.

1. Sun & Moon Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket -

The appealing lamp sourced from the 250 million-year-old Himalayan rock salt is incorporated into a distinct decor item with a bulb placed inside it. When lit, the lovely pink glow not only reflects the uniqueness of the but also creates a positive aura. One of the best choices for Secret Santa gift ideas, this lamp with more than 84 natural minerals relieves sleep disorder, stress, heartburn, arthritis, migraines and improves well-being.

Sun & Moon Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket

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2. Sitting Buddha Baby Monk -

Dressed-up in a copper-colored robe featuring beautiful embellishments is a great and affordable gifting option. This sitting Buddha Baby Monk symbolizing peace, serenity, calmness, compassion, and beauty, adds a charm to your Vastu. Made from polyresin, this baby monk with a pretty-pretty smile leaves your heart enchanted.

Sitting Buddha Baby Monk

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3. Citrine Crystal Healing Bracelet -

Want to give something creative to your best-friend that she would flaunt all day long? Get rid of the old-fashioned beaded bracelets and move your eyes on this Citrine Crystal Healing Bracelet available at MyPoojaBox. Double the joy of celebration with this handcrafted bracelet offering no rashes serves best as a gift for your BFF. Citrine balances the solar plexus Chakra, treats depression, fear and attracts wealth, success, self-confidence & enthusiasm.

Citrine Crystal Healing Bracelet

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4. Himalayan Pink Bathing Salt Jar -

Loaded with all the nutritional qualities of the Himalayan salt, this aromatic blended mixture with the added essential oils detoxifies your body. This vegan product infuses its fragrances during bathing that lifts up your mood. Perfect for all skin types, this bathing salt gift jar makes your colleague, friend, or mother are all set to rejuvenate themselves at their so-called ‘home spa’.

Himalayan Pink Bathing Salt Jar

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5. Decorative Lotus Diya Colored Base -

Among all other attractive Santa Claus gifts, this stunning decor item suits well in offices, dining area, puja space, and balconies. Made of brass, this Diya with a wick in the center depicts the charming Lotus flower. This decorative Diya showcasing colored bases makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones this Christmas season.

Decorative Lotus Diya Colored Base

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6. Turkish Evil Eye & Elephants Wall Hanging Protection Amulet -

This attractive piece of wall hanging adorning the beauty of every Vastu is not only a pocket-friendly gift for your loved ones but also brings good fortune to the user. Other than funny secret Santa gift ideas, gifting this item to your near ones is truly worth it. This handcrafted artwork will safeguard people from the negative effects of evil eyes, bad luck, misfortune, and bring good luck.

Turkish Evil Eye & Elephants Wall Hanging Protection Amulet

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7. Classic Meenakari Danglers

If you are planning to surprise your sweet little sister with accessories that she would love, you can try your hands on these Classic Meenakari Danglers. Studded with lavish beads and pearls, this piece of jewelry is something you can hide in between the decorated Santa Claus with a Christmas tree and gifts.

Classic Meenakari Danglers

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8. Vibrant Dream Catcher -

Be it a special corner of the balcony, or a window, this dream catcher made with love is meant only for those people near and dear to you. Weaved in the Hoop with the mesh or web and adorned with colorful feathers, each holds significance. Designed to decorate your bedroom, living room, or study room, this vibrant dreamcatcher accentuated the appeal of your walls and the interiors.

Vibrant Dream Catcher

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9. Potpourri Gift Set/Combo -

Is your mother fond of both flowers and perfumes?? Worry not. Get a glance at this Potpourri Gift Set which is the only solution to your problem. Packed to delicacy, this combo available in rose & jasmine and lavender & jasmine fragrances comes with two petite bottles filled with aromatic oils. Sprinkling just a few drops on the “Potpourri”, glides you into the paradise of Mediterranean bliss that soothes your mind & heart.

Potpourri Gift Set/Combo

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10. Decorative Abstract Three Piece Painting For Home Decor -

What is better than giving your paint-lover friend a set of abstract paintings?? Witness the level of happiness and joy on your friend’s face when he or she receives this amazing decor from her/his Secret Santa. Find all those funny secret Santa gift items, jewelry, wall decors, and so much more at MyPoojaBox you have been looking for as a gift on Christmas.

10.	Decorative Abstract Three Piece Painting For Home Decor

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