This Raksha Bandhan, Make a Green Choice with Eco-Friendly Seed Paper Rakhi

This Raksha Bandhan, Make a Green Choice with Eco-Friendly Seed Paper Rakhi

Rakhi is almost here, and siblings are busy planning surprises for each other. After all, it's the day to celebrate their bond. On this day, sisters tie rakhis on the wrist of their brothers and pray for their long life, while brothers give her gifts and promise to protect her. Ahead of Raksha Bandhan, markets are flooded with beautiful and colorful rakhis as the festival of threads draws near.

However, millions of rakhis are dumped in waste made of non-biodegradable materials such as plastics, sparkles, beads, etc., which add to the carbon footprints. Once these bands are discarded, they pile up in the garbage and end up in landfills without decomposition.

Realizing the environmental harm, to make this festival more ecstatic, My Pooja Box has bought you Eco-friendly seed paper rakhi that is biodegradable and fashionable in design. We at My Pooja Box believe in the collective power of investing in eco-friendly products. Hence, we influence and drive the market to do better by improving our operations and creating more sustainable products to replace the ones that are not.

Eco-friendly Seed Paper Rakhi by My Pooja Box

Eco-friendly seed paper rakhi tops our list of best rakhis for this year. The name of this rakhi might seem unfamiliar and undecipherable to you, but once you know the cause behind it, you will yourself be suggesting others to buy rakhi online, particularly this one.

The first and most important fact about this rakhi is that it is made of paper. Other rakhis commonly accessible in stores and online websites may be made of non-sustainable materials like plastic, which, as you may know, doesn't break down quickly in soil, polluting the environment for years. While being made of paper, this rakhi is easily degradable.

Further, other rakhis might be forgotten or discarded after the Raksha Bandhan day, but this rakhi can remain forever. How? Well, this rakhi also contains seeds within. You can put this rakhi in a pot, water it every day, and it will blossom into a beautiful plant. This plant can remain forever as a token of your brother and sister's love.

You can buy this rakhi online or its rakhi box from the My Pooja Box website in three different flower seed varieties: Peony, Jasmine, and Rose.

Types of Eco-friendly Seed Paper Rakhis at My Pooja Box

1. Eco-Friendly Plantable Rakhi Box (Tulsi Seeds) - Sun Rakhi

Though Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious festival commemorating the bond between brothers and sisters that are unbreakable, let us also tighten the bond with our Mother Nature this festive season by choosing this plantable Sun Rakhi. Causing zero harm to nature, this Rakhi with Tulsi seeds contributes considerably by growing plants and letting our generation breathe fresh and pure air.

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This fantastic product launched to contribute to a happier and healthier environment is a perfect Rakhi you can try your hands on. Unwrapping this box introduces you to a plantable Sun Rakhi, coconut husk planter, a disk of cocopeat, Roli & Chawal packed in cork capsules, a mini plantable pencil, and a reusable, recycled box. The beautifully handwritten note that expresses your love, respect, and care for your brother makes this product so adorable.

2. Eco-Friendly Plantable Rakhi Box (Tulsi Seeds) - Star Rakhi

Handcrafted to perfection, this Rakhi box is ideal for celebrating Raksha Bandhan in the most beautiful and eco-friendly way. Woven in the solid yet soft thread, this Star Rakhi represents the inseparable bond between you and your beloved brother. Crafted from the best quality of handmade paper and edible colors, these rakhis are worth buying.

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The Takeaway!

Choose a rakhi from hundreds of alternatives on the My Pooja Box website to discover the one that best captures your bond with your brother. Moreover, every time you purchase eco-friendly products at My Pooja Box, you support the manufacturers who make these products. Increasing demand for sustainable products gives manufacturers more incentives to create and sell them. If more people support eco-friendly businesses, the need for slave labor, unfair wages, and inhumane working conditions will go down, and in turn, we and the planet would benefit.

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