This Diwali Beautify Your Home With Exquisite Urlis

Exquisite Urlis

Planning for a get-together with your family and friends this Diwali? Setting itself apart from the usual Urlis, here we have a plethora of aesthetically pleasing Brass Urlis with exclusive designs. This Diwali Beautify Your Home With Exquisite Urlis available at our online shopping store.

1. Elegant Floral Marble Urli

Carefully cut in a rich piece of white marble and crafted into an elegant floral Urli, this piece of home décor is enough to add a touch of lavishness to your home décor. Hurry!! Get this product from our online shopping store now.

Elegant Floral Marble Urli

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2. Flower Hanging Urli

If you are looking for an Urli for your pooja space, then roll down your eyes at this flower Urli which is beautifully crafted to radiate every corner of your house with its soft glow.

3. Illustrious Silver Finish Urli

Appealing extremely in every sense, this skilfully embossed Urli with a silver finish when filled with water and floating scented candles looks pretty amazing with the rest of the Diwali decorations. You can select your favorite from the Urli available in 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches.

4. Atika Meditation Tamba Urli

Smoothened to edges, this hand-hammered Urli made in copper is a perfect and auspicious item to be used in Laxmi Pooja during Diwali. Adding a few drops of aromatic oil and fresh into this water-filled Urli are enough to create magic.

Atika Meditation Tamba Urli

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5. Shiny Gold Lotus Urli

This is one of the most spectacular collections of Urli you can find at our online shopping store at amazing prices. Showcasing the delicate Lotus design cutwork on a piece of metal, this Urli is available in sizes of 3, 12, 14 inches and also in a set of 3.

6. Antique Brass Swing Ganesha Urli

Be it for gifting purposes, or for home decoration, no Urli other than this Brass Urli can match the appeal and class of this Antique Brass Swing Ganesha Urli. Skilfully crafted by the local artisans of India, this item is worth every penny.

7. Spring Blossom Black Elegant Urli

Made in metal, this elegant spring blossom Urli with black finishing in the outer part and rustic golden tone for the interiors makes it a mesmerizing piece of décor.

8. Captivating Petal Urli/Floater

Ready to arrest your heart, here is a truly mesmerizing Urli available in 3 variant sizes that you can select as per your preference and choice. Fill this Urli with water, fresh flowers, and floating candles to enjoy the magic.

Captivating Petal UrliFloater

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9. Stunning Brass Urli with Stand

Get home this stunning brass Urli with a stand which is available in small, medium, large sizes and also in a set of 3. Polished in gold, this meticulously designed Urli can also be gifted to your loved ones.

10. Exquisite Butterfly Urli

Want to add a traditional touch to your home décor this Diwali season? Then why not try out this exquisite collection of Urli available at our online shopping store. This silver finish item comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, as well as in a set of 3 and 4.

11. Aaira Urli

This gorgeous Urli is ready to enhance the beauty of your living room, pooja space, or office. Pair it up with a couple of tea light holders, flowers, and beautiful Rangoli accentuates the overall appearance. Choose the best from the small, medium, and large sizes.

12. Shiny Gold Leafy Urli

Available in three different sizes, i.e; 10, 14, and 19 inches, this Urli shining with golden radiance is patterned to a lovely leafy structure in iron which adds more elegance to the same. Bag this rustic piece of décor in your cart now!

Shiny Gold Leafy Urli

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13. Ziba Brass Finish Hanging Urli

When you have the choice of Ziba brass finish hanging Urli, why go for the boring and usual Urlis? Try out this stunning hanging Urli crafted in brass which is ready to charm up the interiors of your abode this Diwali.

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