Surprise Your Lady Love This Karva Chauth Through My Pooja Box


On this auspicious festival of Karva Chauth, you can appreciate your wife for all that she does for you by surprising her with some amazing Karva Chauth gifts available exclusively for you on MyPoojaBox. Express your love and appreciation by showering your lady love with these beautiful gifts..!!

1. Rose Quartz Heart Pendant Necklace

Lowering stress and tension in the heart, this beautifully shaped necklace is a symbol of love that is sure to keep the romance alight. Rose Quartz eliminates all negativity and allows healing of the heart.

Rose Quartz Heart Pendant Necklace

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2. My Belle Flora Gift Box

Perfect for Karva Chauth, this box has an exquisite floral arrangement on one side and two boxes of chocolate cookies on the other.

3. My Zinnia Rose Karwa Chauth Box

This Karwa Chauth Thali Box for you to enjoy this blessed night with the jingling of bangles, twinkling of the stars, and honour the prayer of happiness and long life.

My Zinnia Rose Karwa Chauth Box

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4. Milk Cake Mithai and LED Thali Gift Set

With extra sweetness, MyPoojaBox brings to you a Karva Chauth thali set that will bring a smile to her face. Enriched with LED lights, all you have to do is turn it on and see her get dazzled.

5. Rose Quartz Crystal Love Stone Tree

Opening up the heart to unconditional love, this healing stone comes in the shape of a beautiful tree’s leaves. Channelling positive energy, this tree makes sure to keep bad vibes at bay.

Rose Quartz Crystal Love Stone Tree

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6. Himalayan Pink Salt Cylindrical Glow Lamp

Since your lady stays waiting for you the whole day, why not give her something she can relax with and reduce stress. This glow lamp has an abstract marble look that works as a contemporary décor and lights up like a charm.

7. Festive Floral 3 Diya Pearl Studded Thali

Make her feel happy this Karva Chauth by giving her a diya thali with pearls attached so enhance the meaning of this day. The three t-light holders make sure the natural light is reflected around the cozy space making it very ambient.

Festive Floral 3 Diya Pearl Studded Thali

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8. Rose Quartz Crystal Angel of Love

Found in the earth’s crust and one of a kind, this angel shaped ornament is perfect to show your lady what she means to you. By gifting this to her, you convey what she means to you.

9. Himalayan Pink Salt Oval Glow Lamp

A modern decorative ornament is perfect to mature the relationship because of the glow it brings in your life.

Himalayan Pink Salt Oval Glow Lamp

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10. Golden Crystal Studded Metal Plate

Beautifully crafted round shape matched with intricate engraved, this Karva Chauth thali set adds a shimmering beauty all over. Reflecting the aura, make her see what you see everything – She in a golden light.

11. Rosy Pink Floral Karwa Chauth Gift Box

Gift this pink floral gift box with puja thali with chalni & karwa and all other necessary items, to your wife who would be fasting for your well being on the occasion. The channi is prettily decorated with lace.

Rosy Pink Floral Karwa Chauth Gift Box

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12. Laxmi Goddess Embossed Bar

A silver bar having Goddess Laxmi beautifully engraved on it. A thoughtful gift if you want to promote wealth and prosperity and convey to her that she is the Lakshmi of your house.

13. Bedazzle Blue Thali Cover

While she looks through the net towards you, give her a protective cover that is a nice blue that resembles the twinkling stars and honours the tradition of promoting long life and harmony. 

Bedazzle Blue Thali Cover

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14. Decorative Karwa Chauth Thali Set

This sparkling thali will add to the sparkle of the night and make sure that this is a night to remember.

15. Evil Eye Dream Catcher for Positive Energy And Protection

Hand Woven Handicraft to attract positive dreams which can be made a reality if you both are there supporting each other.

Evil Eye Dream Catcher for Positive Energy And Protection

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If you are looking to find something different, yet perfect to gift her then MyPoojaBox is your answer. Make this Karva Chauth special by doing something for her too.

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