International Women's Day (IWD) is around the corner, and this year, March 8th will mark its hundred and eleventh anniversary. With a theme of Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow, this year, the world will celebrate Women's Day to recognize the efforts and dedication of women in every nook and cranny who took charge for climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response to secure a sustainable future for all.

In today’s world, women play a crucial role in a variety of fields, from scientific development and literature to financing and fierce competition in the social and economic fabric of dependency and poverty. Effective women empowerment includes a much larger set of rules, including effective participation in different development programs, and encouraging them to be independent and self-confident, to meet the challenges of living in a patriarchal society with courage and self-respect. Individual reinforcement can only be achieved if the individual can make decisions alone.

Those working and striving with development initiatives understand the significance of investing in women's empowerment. It is no secret for the world that achieving Gender Equality for Sustainable Development includes appropriate actions and statistics unconditionally dedicated to gender parity.

My Pooja Box - Bringing Gender Equality with Women Empowerment

My Pooja Box believes that women are a valuable asset to any business as they are emotionally driven, hard-working, and invariably instinctive. With a business model where women are the prime target audience, we understand the significance of having a female team that can help comprehend and deal with conditions and situations in a better way.

Talking about Gender Equality, My Pooja Box has appointed a female at every crucial stage of the company hierarchy. Furthermore, co-founded by a woman, My Pooja Box is pouring-in every endeavor with a vision of empowering women to an extent where they can achieve whatever they want in life without making any compromise. My Pooja Box is a dream team comprising over 80% female employees working across all departments - accounts, design, development, merchandising, customer care, operations, photography, marketing, etc.


“Co-founding My Pooja Box as a young female entrepreneur in India was both a challenge and a blessing. From the very beginning, I always believed in breaking barriers and traditional ideologies. Creating job opportunities for females & leading a successful women-run business has been a top priority.” - Ms. Kaveri Sachdev (CEO, My Pooja Box).


“At My Pooja Box, we shape ideas into reality. When it comes to accomplishing goals or building solid workplace relationships, we welcome the creativity, skills, intuition, and optimism of women to reach greater heights of success in every field.” - Ms. Swati Singhania Chandra (Master of Growth, My Pooja Box).


At My Pooja Box, the vision is not just constrained to making profits and generating revenues, but touching the height of success along with creating employment for women at every level - The right woman for the right job. While writing this blog, we also had the chance to speak to some of the women employees at My Pooja Box about their experiences as written below  -   

“Working at My Pooja Box gave me a comfort zone wherein I can grow and learn” - Shaheen (Merchandising Department).

“ It always feels safe and sound while working here.” - Payal (Operations Department).

“ I can work and manage studies easily. Thanks to My Pooja Box for the flexible working atmosphere.” - Disha (Merchandising Department).

“Learning never stops here. A motivating environment that is helping me to gain confidence.” - Nisha (Merchandising Department).

“ As a fresher I can say that with the utter cooperation at My Pooja Box, I really got practical knowledge from my fellow colleagues.” - Bhawna ( Inventory Management).

With the successful integration of vision and goals, we created a work environment for the brightest female minds who believe in themselves to become independent and capable of securing top positions in every task. In recent years, My Pooja Box has not only emerged as the smartest motivation for women to attain greater heights but also a resourceful platform for women who wish to be independent and generate income of their own.

My Pooja Box - Empowering Women for Sustainable Development

Building a sustainable future means utilizing resources without compromising the needs of future generations. We at My Pooja Box understand that sustainable development is the primary principle of all policies and actions to develop a workplace based on freedom, equality, opportunity, and solidarity. Attaining a sustainable future is unfeasible to achieve without gender equality. 

Consequently, at My Pooja Box, empowering women is the primary focus for sustainable growth, social development, and environmental sustainability. We constantly strive to make our operations and manufacturing more eco-friendly by following sustainable ways to celebrate the art of celebrating Indian festivals. For instance, the Plant-A-Ganesha initiative, launched in 2018 by My Pooja Box is one of the most successful and widely celebrated collections for Ganesh Chaturthi. Likewise, we also launched eco-friendly rakhis that became extremely popular among customers, various media outlets, and celebrities.

To create these handcrafted products, My Pooja Box is associated with various women-driven small business organizations and women artisans across India. These female artists use organic materials to craft their products. As a result, My Pooja Box can introduce environment-friendly god idols, home décor solutions, and much more to people across the globe. My Pooja Box not only generates employment opportunities for women in urban and rural settings but also manages to set off a previously unseen movement towards eco-friendly production and manufacturing for a sustainable future.


No doubt, women are known for excelling in multiple roles effortlessly per day, and thus, they are considered the backbone of every society. Living in male-dominating societies, women play a wide range of roles, such as caring mothers, loving daughters, and capable colleagues. The best part is that they fit the bill perfectly in every aspect. 

My Pooja Box has a definite goal of empowering women in every sector of the society in every part of the world, and hence, we make every endeavor possible with a mission of building a society where women are treated equally at every stage of their life, because Behind Every Successful Woman is Herself!

Happy Women’s Day 2022


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