Women’s Day Empowerment – The My Pooja Box Story

Women’s Day Empowerment – The My Pooja Box Story

The world has officially entered 2020 and looking back at 2019 I’d say this is an important year for all the men & woman fighting sexism around the world. In 2019, the movement towards equality & woman empowerment gained momentum like never before, with men, women & children voicing their opinions all over the world wide web. However, this article is not about that, this article has been made to tell the world about two women who beat all odds & took the bull by the horns. These two women are the CEO & COO of our brand, My Pooja Box. Yes, that’s right, the CEO & COO are female, and this is their story.

From here on, these two women will be referred to as “super women”. It’s these super women who took My Pooja Box from “just a good idea” to a successful business that has a reach across all of India...

It was August 2017 when My Pooja Box was officially set up as a brand. Having said that, it was literally just a brand name without any business. The founder instantly knew it was a brand that needs to be run by women. The positions of CEO & COO were given to two women. The day these super women took control, was the day My Pooja Box officially became a brand.

The women in charge had a vision that wasn’t just limited to making a profit. This vision was and is, to create employment opportunities at both junior and senior levels for women in both urban & rural settings whilst developing a thriving business that has a reach all over the country. They set about looking for the right women for the job. Once they found them, their business and vision combined to create the My Pooja Box you see today. All the designs, customer communication, all the management & all the product ideas stemmed from the minds of this all girls dream team.

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However, the successful integration of their vision & their goals did not slow down their motivation to push to greater heights. They knew they had created a work environment where the smartest female minds could come together but they wanted to go a step further than that. A few business meetings later, My Pooja Box was sourcing it’s Rakhi manufacturing needs to female artisans in Rajasthan that had previously never had the chance to bring home substantial income. My Pooja Box connected these women to all of India and showed the country the craftsmanship they possessed. This was the first of many such ventures that allowed women who were previously dependent on their spouses for income to generate revenue of their own.

Some of these female artists were already using organic materials to craft their products. As a result of this, My Pooja Box soon realized that they can bring environment friendly god idols, home décor & more to the people of India & the world. This chance would not go begging, as our super women were quick to capitalize on this. As a result, not only did the super women bring employment opportunities for women in urban and rural settings, but also managed to set off a previously unseen movement towards ecofriendly god idols & home décor.

What you’ve read can’t do justice to the sheer hard work they put into this brand. If I were to speak about it all, you’d have to read a book, not an online article. This is the real power of women. This is why we celebrate women’s day. This is proof that women can change the world.

So, on behalf of My Pooja Box & our super women, we wish you all a very Happy Women’s Day!

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The business model and the motivation for generating employment opportunities amongst women at different levels are brilliant. Loved this article.


This is commendable and an inspiration for a lot of women around us. This should inspire the human race who try to restrict the women to grow.

Tushar Mehta

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