Karwa Chauth Gifts Under 999

Karwa Chauth Gifts Under 999

Married Hindu women celebrate Karwa Chauth to pray for the long life of their husbands. They fast throughout the day and eat only after sighting a full moon at sunset. Women also observe several rituals during this time, such as applying mehndi on their hands and feet, wearing new clothes, wearing red marks on their foreheads, and making offerings to Goddess Parvati.

On this day, people get gifts for their dear ones and wish them good luck for their future. We have curated a wide range of Karwa Chauth gifts that you can buy online for your loved ones at the best prices.

Best Karwa Chauth Gifts to Buy Under 999

Decorative Sieve for Karwa Chauth

The sieve is an essential part of the ritual. Women fast and do not eat food until they sight the moon. Decorative sieves come with beautiful designs and will make an excellent gift for your loved one this Karva Chauth.

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most popular Karwa Chauth gifts to buy. You can choose from a wide range of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets for her to wear on this auspicious day. Some of these pieces also come with gemstones that add sparkle to your loved one’s outfit.

Enchanting Meenakari Mint Jhumka

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2. Karwa Chauth Thali

Thalis are traditional vessels that hold various items during the Karwa Chauth ritual. They are available in different shapes and sizes, and you can even find them with intricate designs. You can choose a thali that matches your loved one’s personality or one that will make a fantastic decorative piece in your home.

 Karwa Chauth Thali Set

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3. Dry Fruits and Chocolate

Dry fruits are a traditional gift for Karwa Chauth. If you want to give your loved one something sweet and healthy, then you should consider buying a box of dry fruits. You can also buy chocolate in various flavors, such as milk or dark chocolate.

Gift Box

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4. Makeup Products

The Karwa Chauth ritual is about looking beautiful, so you can’t go wrong with makeup products. If your loved one loves wearing makeup, she will love receiving a new lipstick or eye shadow palette on this special day.

5. Sweets

Sweets are an essential part of the Karwa Chauth celebration. You can buy some delicious sweets such as a box of Kaju katli, rabri or laddu.

6. Sindoor Container

Sindoor symbolizes love and purity and is also one of the most important things every married woman needs. You can buy her a beautiful sindoor container made from silver or gold. It will be a lovely Karwa Chauth gift to wife on Karwa Chauth.

Brass Sindoor Container

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7. Diya Set

A diya set is a beautiful gift for your wife on Karwa Chauth. You can buy her a beautiful diya set with designs or embellishments. It will make a great addition to her puja thali and remind her of you every time she lights one.

Diya set

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8. Saree

A saree is the best choice if you are looking for a beautiful and practical gift. You can buy your wife a beautiful saree on Karwa Chauth, and she will be able to wear it on many occasions besides this day.

9. T-light Holder

A t-light or candle holder is a beautiful gift for your wife on Karwa Chauth. You can buy her one made from silver or gold, which will make a lovely addition to her puja thali.

T-light Holder

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If you want to make your wife happy on Karwa Chauth, buy her a gift that she can use often and will remind her of you. You may also opt for a gift certificate or voucher if you are unsure what to choose. Keep in mind that the best gifts come from the heart!

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