Importance Of Eco-Friendly Ganesha

Importance Of Eco-Friendly Ganpati

In the last few years, the demand for eco-friendly Ganesha has increased exponentially. The purpose behind using an eco-friendly Ganesha is to reduce the environmental pollution that is caused by PoP Ganesha idols. People have now learned the Importance of Eco-Friendly Ganesha and hence do not prefer artificially colored Plaster of Paris Ganesha idols. Unlike PoP Ganesha idols, eco-friendly Gnahesa idols are made from naturally available materials such as clay, husk, leaves, paper, or any other biodegradable materials.

During Visarjan when these idols are immersed in water bodies, they dissolve quickly without causing water pollution. These idols can be immersed in water at home too. My Pooja Box offers a huge collection of beautiful eco-friendly Ganesha idols that are free from chemical and artificial colors. Here are a few more reasons why you should buy eco friendly ganesha;

1. Eco-friendly Ganesha idols are free from metal elements: Ganesha idols made of PoP contain magnesium, phosphorus, gypsum, and sulfur. The color used to decorate the idols contain cadmium, lead, mercury, carbon, arsenic, etc. When immersed in ponds, lakes, seas, and other water sources, these chemicals contaminate the water, these chemicals are harmful enough to kill fishes and other water animals too. These chemicals can also lead to dead water bodies where the water becomes unusable for any kind of activity due to heavy metal deposition. These chemicals can cause nervous, digestive, and circulatory disorders in human beings. Eco-friendly Ganesha Idols are free from such chemicals making them environmental and human-friendly idols.

2. No water pollution: PoP Ganesha idols do not dissolve quickly in the water and hence pollute the water. Since PoP Ganesha idols take more time to dissolve than eco-friendly Ganesha, PoP increases the acidity of water causing harm to human beings and animals. Eco-friendly Ganesha idols are made from naturally available biodegradable materials that easily dissolve in water and do not cause water pollution. These materials do not cause any harm to human beings and animals. Buy eco friendly ganesha idols this year to reduce water pollution and save water animals.

3. Glitters and fake diamonds: The glitters and fake diamonds used for decorating the Ganesha idol are made of harmful elements. When human beings come in contact with these glitters or fake diamonds, it can cause allergies, rashes, and can also damage the lungs, eyes in some cases. In contrast, Ganesha idols made from natural elements are free from such glitters and fake diamonds. The eco-friendly Ganesha idols are decorated using natural colors.

4. Eco-friendly Ganesha idols are easily available: Due to the increased demand for eco-friendly Ganesha idols, many manufacturers and dealers have started selling eco-friendly Ganesha idols. These idols help in conserving nature, reducing water pollution, and saving the lives of water creatures. The idols are now easily available in the local markets and online stores. For a variety of eco-friendly ganesha idols, you can visit My Pooja Box and get your ideal ganesha this year..!

5. Protects human health: As mentioned above, the PoP Ganesha idols are harmful to human beings too. The chemicals in PoP cause disorders that may be difficult to treat. If you are a non-vegetarian, be careful when you eat fish after the Ganesha Visarjan. It is observed that most people suffer from food poisoning after the Visarjan as the fishes have been dwelling in chemical prone water bodies. By worshipping the environmentally friendly Ganesha idols you can stay safe from the harmful effects of the chemicals and also save the water life. Once you have understood the Importance of Eco-Friendly Ganesha idols, recommend the same to your friends and relatives. Let the world celebrate the greatest festival in an eco-friendly manner.

This Ganesh Chaturthi, visit My Pooja Box online store and explore the beautiful collection of different types of eco-friendly Ganesha idols. These divine idols for Lord Ganesha are ideal for celebrating a chemical-free and environmentally friendly Ganesh Chaturthi. So Hurry Up and purchase now..!

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